Lost your important data and files from the computer? And confused what to do exactly now? Don’t panic and just relax. Every problem has a solution and this one too will. While there may be very important files which at once vanished in front of your eyes due to some problem with your computer, or you just did something that resulted in the loss of data. In either case, there is optimum solution to these problems.

Keep These In Mind!

The first thing that should be done in such cases is to just stop experimenting with it if you are not a computer expert. This can even lead to the complete loss of data. Well, remember that when you delete any particular data from your computer, the system just hides it and free the space for your use. So, in this case, the data recovery process is quite simple and can be easily done.

Different Types Of Recovery

Data are deleted somehow over the due course of time and when you actually realize it, and then it becomes tough for you to undelete the data. While files and folders can be recovered, but always the exact copy is not restored which may result in loss of some part of the data. Try the steps given below for effective data recovery software free.

Restoring From Recycle Bin

In majority of the cases, data that are deleted gets stored in recycle bin from where restoring it is very simple. You just need to navigate and click on the recycle bin icon and search for the deleted file or folder. When you get it, right click and select restore. The data will be saved on the original destination from which it was deleted.

Restoring The Files And Folders Deleted From Recycle Bin

But this is not always the case, and many of the times, you delete the data from the recycle bin also. This happens mostly in case of the files which you have deleted long ago. In this situation, since it is not present in the recycle bin folder, recovery is not that simple like the previous one, but at the same time it’s not that tough too. So, what’s need to be done is-

  1. Clicking the Start button, search for the ‘Computer’
  2. Search for the folder, which used to contain the lost data.
  3. ‘Right Click’ and select the option for ‘Restore Previous Versions’
  4. A list will be displayed showing all the files and folders that got deleted from this location.
  5. Select the one you want to recover.
  6. Click on restore and the data will be saved accordingly.

While the above process is applicable for Windows 7, for users of Windows 8/8.1/10, it is a bit different. Check out the process

  1. After going to ‘Computer’, go for the folder containing the deleted file or folder and click ‘History’.
  2. It will display all the files and folders.
  3. Click on the ‘Previous’ button, select the file and click on the ‘Restore’ button
  4. And the data will be recovered instantly.

Recovery Software

But, it is seen that in case of corrupt hard disk, the above process cannot work. In this case, a special type of tool needs to be used. Data recovery software is thus used for this type of purposes. With the help of third party intervention, the recovery is done quite efficiently and effectively. There are many free data recovery software, which are programmed to carry out the recovery process. This software’s are available very easily, thus providing an ultimate solution to the recovery process.

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