Are you looking for more power and control over your online presence? If yes, you may be thinking about a dedicated host server or virtual private server hosting. With a plethora of hosting plans available, you are bound to be confused which one of these options is best for your business. The reality is that both options offer several advantages, so you should


In virtual private server hosting, one server is divided into multiple accounts, with each VPS system having its separate operating system, mail server resources, and web server. While the VPS hosts several virtual environments, you control one virtualized machine on the server and share the CPU with others. Nevertheless, you have dedicated access to the storage resources and RAM assigned to you.

On the other hand, a dedicated host server hosts only one website, and you have complete control over the server and access to all its resources. Dedicated host servers offer you greater computing power than VPS hosting.


With Hostgator’s dedicated server hosting, you enjoy complete control of the server. However, in VPS hosting, you have greater flexibility to choose resources, including online requirements and server size, as per your needs. So why pay more for resources that you don’t require in dedicated hosting? Moreover, virtual private server hosting allows you to move to a new server any time to cater to your growing business and server size requirements to ensure greater performance.

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In general, there is a significant difference between the overall price of the virtual private server and dedicated host server. This holds true for everything, from the initial deposit to the monthly lease or service charge. Though there isn’t much difference in the facilities that come with VPS hosting and dedicated host server, a price is indeed the deciding factor for many small businesses. With dedicated hosting servers offering greater resources, this option is bound to cost more than virtual private server hosting. However, if your business can manage without a dedicated server, why pay more when you can get all the services you need with a VPS server?

For medium sized websites which get above 9,000 visitors per month and are going for a VPS hosting, will pay $19.95 per month for the small package and up to $39.95 if they need the big package with the extra RAM, space, bandwidth and faster performance to handle increased traffic and data.

The dedicated server package starts at $79 per month with the basic plan and goes up to $129.99 offering 16GB of RAM, 4-core CPU, 1 TB server space and 25TB of bandwidth. Of course, this service is required for big websites which get more than 900,000 monthly visitors (30,000 – 35,000 per day) , have hundreds if not thousands of pages and expand continuously. Look for a hostgator coupon to cut your webhosting expenses, though. Hostgator discount deals give up to 70% off in these services. Except from the above, you can also find the reseller coupon and the famous hostgator 1 cent coupon at


The maintenance of dedicated servers requires high technical expertise. A larger organization with a separate team of support staffs best suited to choose these kinds of servers. Since dedicated hosting can be managed or unmanaged, it depends on you which way to go. If you want managed to host, your hosting provider would be responsible for server maintenance, but if you opt for unmanaged hosting, server maintenance would be solely your responsibility.

Virtual private server hosting works well for start-ups and comparatively smaller organizations since you don’t have the responsibility to manage the server.

On, we have assembled a list of leading and reliable, dedicated host server and VPS hosting providers. We also offer additional educational resources to help you understand exactly what hosting you need, including an interactive questionnaire that can guide you to the right hosting provider.

Special Rights

Exclusive ownership brings along the right to launch private applications and permissions to configure applications to suit your needs. This is not possible on a shared server as the access given to each website owner is restricted to avoid issues on resources.

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