If you’re having a celebration, you want to make sure you’re sending out exciting invitations.
But regular store bought invitations can be so “been there, done that.” You need a way to get your guests excited for your wedding or birthday party.

Look no further! Adobe’s free invitation creator allows you to create custom invitations for your next gathering. We’ll show you how to create exciting invitations using this free tool.

Choose how you’ll send it

Gone are the days of standard mailed invites. Now you are able to send invitations tons of different ways. With Adobe’s new invitation creator, you’re able to ask your guests to attend several different ways.

Graphic Invite

One of the easiest ways to forward an invitation to your attendees is a graphic invitation.
You can use this type to easily submit via social media, and it is the quickest option for you.

Web page Invite

You may not have been aware that you can invite your guests to your shindig via a website.
This is an impressive way to start your celebration. This takes a bit more time, but it’s a super easy setup.

Video Invite

If you’re really wanting to awe your guests, try setting up a video invite. This option is a personalized way to let your invitees know this is a special celebration. Video invitations are also a super creative way to spread the word.

Get started

Once you’ve decided how you will format your invitation, you can get started with creating your invitations.


Each of the above options gives you a template to work with. This is great for those individuals who aren’t super tech-savvy. If you’re not happy with the templates provided, you can start from scratch. You can also edit the things you don’t like. Things like text font, colors, sizing, and photos can all be deleted or added.

Once you’ve decided on a template, you can start adding text and photos.


Adding graphics makes your invitation more appealing. Adobe gives you the option to add your own photos to your invites. You can also choose from thousands of free stock photos.


It’s easy to get caught up with all the options Adobe gives you with this tool.
So don’t forget that once you’ve found your theme and graphics that you need to add the important information.

Regardless of the type of invite you choose, you’re able to add text and contact information for your celebration. Remember that you can send these invites online, so you’ll be able to add additional websites or links to important relevant websites.


Once you’ve created your stellar new invitation, all you have to do is share!
Adobe will provide you the link so you can spread the word via email or social media.
Remember, there are plenty of options to choose from.

So make sure you’re making your invites as special or personalized as you want.
Whether you are throwing a small get together, or you’re planning your wedding, Adobe’s new free invitation creator is a great way to get your party started!

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