To create an impressive and appealing piece of art, a cool or experienced artist is not enough. You will also need the best resources in order to produce a great piece of painting. Nowadays, the market is getting overwhelmed with crappy stuff. Many people who lack technical knowledge, often does the mistake of choosing the wrong product. Even a useless and shitty software or app is marketed in such a way, that anyone would think of getting it. Same thing applies when you try to find the best and Free Drawing Software.

Free Drawing Software
Free Drawing Software

Probably, you’ll end up installing some shitty software with no features at all which a cool artist requires. So, we’ve decided to gather some of the top and Free Drawing Software, and round it up an article. So here are the best and advanced drawing software for both professional level and beginner level artists.

10 Best Free Drawing Software For Cool Artists

1. DrawPlus Starter Edition: DrawPLus is an ultimate drawing software, the software provides a lot of realistic and cool tools to create cool designs. It’s a vector illustrator packed with a lot of smart tools. The software includes tons of dark and great looking colors which will sum up your art.

2. The Gimp: The Gimp is another great Free Drawing Software which can create unique and appealing designs. If you have got a creative mind, then Gimp would be a perfect software for you to show your creativeness in the form of drawings. Gimp is a stable drawing software and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

3. Pixia: Pixia is also a good drawing software developed by the Japanese studio. It’s more like a coloring software which features loads of different and shady colors. Pixia offers a lot of tools and features extreme level of customizations to your art. I consider, Pixia as a must try software if you’re looking for something very different.

4. Inkscape Illustrator: Here is another free drawing software for highly skilled and professional level artists. Inkscape provides vector imagery features and options for its users. If you want to create some illustrating designs and art, or looking for a resource for web designing works, then Inkscape Illustrator is a perfect fit for you.

5. Krita: Krita is a digital drawing and illustrating software which is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can use Krita to create or edit awesome images; you can also add realistic effects to your existing images or projects. The drafted tutorials in Krita could be very useful at certain times.

6. MyPaint: If you’re at a beginner level at arts and designing, then Mypaint could be the best software for you to improve your skills. MyPaint offers various basic as well as high level editing tools to it’s users. The best thing about Mypaint is its brush engine feature which allows the users to customize the brush according to their interest and level.

7. PictBear: PictBear is another great option for you. It is completely a Free Drawing Software which offers in depth customizations and editings. The impressive part about Pictbear is you can create multiple drawings in different sheets and assign them all in one drawing.

8. Real World Paint: If you’re someone who loves to create animative designs and projects, then Real World Paint is a best and free software. The options of Real World paint are a bit complicated, of course, it will take some time to get familiar with it. But still offers a lot more in animation type of work.

9. Tux Paint: Tux Paint is especially targetted for children who are aged between 3 and 12. The software aims to improve the inner talent of the art of the children. The best part about Tux Paint, it is compatible with almost all version of windows (Even windows 2000). The software offers basic tools like paint brushes, color erasers etc.

10. PsyKo Paint: First of all, Psyko isn’t an offline software. It’s an online software which can be accessed via any browser. This online tool offers brushes, layers, random designs to make your artistic experience as smooth and rich as possible. You should definitely give it a try as its free and doesn’t require any installations in order to use.


You can try the software which I have shared in this article to grow up the hidden artist in you. All of these Free Drawing Software are absolutely free to download and use, however, you may need to pay the money if you want to unlock the premium features and effects. Let us know your experience in the commetn section below.

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