If you have a blog or a website, maybe you are struggling to get as many page views as much possible. No matter whether you have just started off your blogging career, or have been in the blogging industry since long – getting traffic and pageviews is always a challenge. How to increase your pageviews? It isn’t quite tough to understand the concept of improving your pageviews, but it is not easy either to achieve it. Let us check out our five tips to explode your page views in the following paragraphs.

Page Views – What Does It Constitute?

Well, a page view is a metric that measures the average pages on your site that are viewed by a visitor.It can be arrived at by dividing the total number of pages visited on your website by the total number of visitors. This will give you the pageviews per user so that you can take actions to improve it further.

Page views can be simply considered to be the popularity of your blog. There are several ways you can use to enhance your page views per user metric. Make your blog interesting so that the users will be more enthusiastic to explore further into your content.

Create Your Own Content

Content has always been the huge factor in making your site more interesting. We would definitely advise you to put more of your efforts into making your content more cheerful and interesting. Just remember one thing – if you can present good content, visitors are likely turned your subscribers! That would mean they will keep coming back to you. Make your content stand out from the rest of them – that is the key to get traffic to your website.

Interlink As Much As Possible

One of the excellent tips to improve the engagement of your visitors to your blog would be the interlinking. Link back to the related articles elsewhere on your site. In fact, it is the tip that should work for everyone to drive traffic to your website. Use a link to a related article using terms like “ You may also be interested In” or “ Get more information on”. You may also embed a link to the articles using anchor text and hyperlink it with the keyword.

Collaborate With Other Bloggers

Do guest posts on another blog. That can be what would make the readers on that blog to notice you and in turn drive traffic to your site. Collaborating with each other’s blog by writing on a similar topic and then providing links to each other’s posts can be one of the best ways to achieve better page views. This will be helpful in your efforts to increase traffic to your website, especially when you collaborate with has better pageviews.

Buy Page Views

Well, let us get it straight – if you are not getting enough pageviews, buy page views. You can sign up with a service that excels in traffic generation and opt for them. You can be assured of high-quality traffic from top countries, thanks to these services. You may opt for services like Babylon Traffic which claim to the best in terms of traffic generation.

SEO at Its Best

Last, but not the least – Search Engine Optimization is what makes a huge difference to your blog traffic and the page views. Using the SEO plugins like Yoast SEO can be advantageous from that perspective. If you want to attract good traffic, and good pageviews on your blog, ranking on search engines is most important. Using subheadings with keywords, and properly using them in the meta description are some of the points you need to pay attention to. In fact, the SEO plugins like Yoast Plugin guide you on how to improve SEO.

The Parting  Thoughts

Traffic and page views are what decide the fate of your blog or website. However, achieving it is not an easy task though. There are thousands of blogs out there, and making your site visible among them can only be possible if you invest your efforts in gathering more traffic.

Now that you have gone through the tips provided in this post, we would hope that we have been helpful in achieving your goals. Do share your feedback with us.  


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