Alright, let’s stop beating around the bush. It’s great that you’ve got a brand-new Android device that can do all sorts of smart things. But, at the end of the day, you want to make money. With the immense power of your new gadget, this is surely possible, right?

It is. First, you need to know where to look, however. We’re going to get you started.

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What apps have you discovered?


Have you got on board with the trend of cashback websites yet? If you have, you’ll probably have heard of TopCashback. It’s one of the best examples out there, and although many associate it with a website, it also has an app. You can download this from the Google Play store, and it’ll help you to save money on a day-to-day basis. Going to the movies? You might be able to save money. Buying groceries? You might be able to save money.


Have you got a special talent that is going to waste? Do you think that getting involved in freelance work might be your best bet? Well, Freelancer is an app that can make these dreams come true. You can browse projects that employers need completing from willing freelancers. You’ll get information about pay and requirements too, so you can choose what suits your needs. You won’t be making money instantly, but you’ll be making it in the long run.


Let’s say you own a business that is constantly on the go. You have an office, but you barely ever spend any time in it. Still, you want to sell your products and services, and you never want to have to miss out on an opportunity. Welcome to PayAnywhere – an app that allows you to take payments on the go. You’ll need a mobile credit card reader from them first if you want to get involved. The reader attaches to your device, and then you’re all set!


Are you the sort of person that just loves trying out apps? I bet you’d download every single app on the Google Play store if you could. If that’s the case, AppCasher might just be your idea of money-making heaven. It’s a way of testing out the latest apps in return for payment. In some cases, you might not even have to even use them all that much! Don’t go expecting big bucks for this job, but it’ll be a nice supplement to your hobby. You can get paid via PayPal, or you can request gift cards.


CashPirate is very much like AppCasher, but it includes a more diverse range of money-making opportunities. For example, you might be asked to complete surveys or play games. Again, you can use the money you make to top up your PayPal account if you so desire. This is another example of an app that won’t pay big money, but might be a nice side-attraction.

As you can tell, there are lots of different ways of making money on Android, from business sales to freelancing. So, what are you waiting for?! Start downloading and making more money!

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