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Facebook recently added a new layer of security by hiding the actual email address of its users and by introducing email address instead of or addresses.
This security feature is a great move to prevent email phishing scams but on the other hand this new security feature of facebook is emerging as a problem for frequent facebook users.

Some problems arise when we need actual email address of our friend for mailing purpose.

But in this article we are introducing some tricks to convert address to actual email address. I hope tricksmode readers will found it helpful.

Things required:

Access to

So here we start

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: sign in on by using your facebook account.

Login on yahoo using facebook

Step 3: After successful login. Click on “import contacts from facebook” and you’re done. You will get your entire facebook friend’s actual email address there.
you can search that list to get your desired friend’s actual email address.

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