Not so long ago, all reset the counter FeedBurner, problem was solved only after two days. This gave much cause for concern, Google is no longer active on the service and it is rumored that can generally be “frozen» FeedBurner and develop it further.

If you use this service to combine several dozen channels, it must be for you a hint of what is possible in the near future; you will need to use a backup plan.

What consequences will be for your site to WordPress?

Many WordPress plug-in use Feedburner API to publish statistics from Feedburner, interact with TV Feedburner, its services and analytical database. These plug-ins will no longer work and interact with your site into WordPress, while the service itself is still active.

Why should I use RSS-services?

Good question! This does not mean that without such a service you will not have newsfeeds. However, if you want to know who subscribed to your RSS feed, and from subscribers, then you should make sure you subscribe to the appropriate service that will provide similar information. Some of them are paid, but there are also free.

Despite the fact that FeedBurner has long been a guiding service for traffic on the blog, but it is not unique. WordPress Code contains an entire section devoted to the use FeedBurner, but unfortunately, it does not mention any alternatives. Perhaps too much time has passed since then, when I was studying the options of skipping services. I searched a bit this information for you and compiled a list of some of the best options for the delivery of news feeds to subscribers to your blog.



FeedStats is a plug-in for WordPress, which provides simple statistics about your RSS-channels and displays it on the panel. Here there are several options for settings:

  • The number of days for which statistics are displayed.
  • Minimum level of user access WordPress, which can view statistics.
  • Time on Site / visits (usually used 1 hour / 3600 seconds, but this can be changed).
  • Visitors right now (recommended time 5 minutes / 300 seconds).
  • IP, which is not stored (e.g., either IP).

While his ability is not as wide as that of FeedBurner, this service can help those who need only basic information about your channel.



FeedBlitz – a commercial service that is responsible for the RSS-feeds and email-marketing. It works fine with the WordPress blog and offers to work with any number of subscribers, lists, electronic newsletters, surveys, user settings, voice mail and RSS. Feedblitz positioning itself as an alternative to FeedBurner, and provides similar services.



Feedcat – a free service that offers the promotion of your news feeds and analysis of the user base. It provides an easily readable version of your channel with many options Custom Settings button to your subscribers through Feedcat. To strengthen the channels traversed through Feedcat, using a valid xml-syntax, which is more convenient, and which puts less load on the server. Feedcat also used as a public directory for RSS and ATOM. Thus, your distribution channels may be labeled and studied.



Service RapidFeeds offers complete management of RSS-channels for various publications since 2005. They provide support for podcasting and iTunes, branded channels URL, advanced statistics, planned and introduced automatically updates, password protection, and much more.

To make editing wiki pages and start using this feature, first of all, you will need to install Media wiki and fulfill all of its settings. And all! This plug-in gives you “all” functionality that you would like to use from the wiki in WordPress!



Feedity – a service that allows you to instantly create RSS-feeds for the site containing pages look and podcast episodes. They have a few options tariff plan, depending on the range of services, including a free trial. It includes 5 channels, non-stop range of upgrades, 10 elements for each channel and ads in the channels.

If your blog is part of your profession or business, then you need easy access to your statistics dissemination channels to have an idea about the growth of your popularity. Do not ignore this aspect of their work. I do not call to abandon the service FeedBurner, if you are using them, but if you are worried about how long it will be, then it’s time for myself to explore a more stable alternative services.

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