VPN is an essential software due to several reasons, majorly due to the increasing internet attack. There are many VPN companies available in the market which you can use and run. You can follow the guide by Anonymster to know more about the top free VPN server.

Others may include to access the banned sites or running multiple accounts etc. Whatever can be the reason, you should have VPN for your browsers.

In this post, we will discuss the 6 top reasons to use VPN. You should use VPN for both personal as well as business purposes to maintain the security. For all those who are not much clear with the term VPN, I would highly suggest checking trough wiki sites.

Let’s get started with the top 6reasons to use VPN!

#1. Hide Your Online Activity

This point doesn’t really need any kind of explanation. Nowadays we know that your ISP has all the information you do over the internet. So, if you want to hide what you do, you can take help of VPN. There are many VPN service providers which you can take help of.

Most of the good VPN services are paid, while you can initially go for free and later you can move to paid one. These VPNs make sure that your connection from system to the internet are secured.

#2. Access Blocked Websites in your area

Usually, due to some security reasons, a government ban some particular websites in some areas. If you want to access such sites, what can be better than a VPN?

Use VPN and select the location where that site is accessible and you are done. This can be applied to some countries as well. Like China doesn’t allow Facebook in their country and so if you want to access, you will have to use VPN.

#3. Use of Public WIFI

Who doesn’t like free?

Well, we all do but when it comes to public WIFI, we should be extra conscious. Who know the intention of the free service provider or who know if the open WIFI is not hacked.

In such cases, it is highly recommended to use VPN to secure your personal data and other information.

#4. Privacy is your Right

There is no second thought of privacy being a moral right for every individual. But at the same time, online security is way hard to maintain.

So, to compensate both, VPN is the right solution. You can browse through any site you want and at the same time maintain your privacy as well.

#5. Use Bit Torrent

Although a couple of major bit torrent sites have been closed recently still it is the largest hub for free stuff. Whether it is videos, audio, or docs, bit torrent is the first choice for many.

But many governments have banned such sites from ISP itself and so hard to access those. The other workaround is the VPN. Use VPN and get access.

#6. What about Competitors

This is just not limited to the competitors’ only but for researchers, journalist, etc. can also follow this. There is much stuff which you don’t want others to check and in such cases, VPN can be an ideal choice.


These were some of the top reasons to use VPN software.  It is a common misconception that VPN software should be used only for professional use but looking at the above points, one can say that it should be used by everyone.

Do you use VPN?

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