Your phone is your world. You take it everywhere, and it never leaves your side. Therefore, since you and your device are together all the time, it only makes sense you’d want to optimize it for business and pleasure.


Learn tips and tricks for making your phone work to the best of its ability for you. It’ll make your life easier, and you’ll become much more flexible when traveling for work or when commuting.

Learn about your Camera

Open your camera and start playing with it. Figure out your lighting options and any other fancy features your style of phone has. Check the colors, and if there are any settings you need to adjust for considering future use. Cameras have become very sophisticated these days, so take your time and read the manual if necessary. You’ll find yourself needing to pull it out for personal and business matters.

Set Up Email on your Phone

One of the first matters of business you’ll want to take care of has to do with your email accounts. Set up your email, so new messages come to your smartphone, and so that you’re able to respond to them right on your phone at that very moment. If you have multiple accounts, make sure you sync each one to launch to your device.

You also want to confirm email messages you’re sending from your work or personal laptop are coming through the way you want them to on a phone. This is especially true for business matters. If you’re a business, work with a company offering email marketing services to make sure the email you send to your clients or customers looks proper and professional on clients, customers or business partner’s mobile devices.

Download Necessary Apps

Help your productivity by downloading the most useful apps for you. Scan through and see what apps are already on your phone from initial purchase. Next, research and make a list of ones you might want to include on your phone. Be mindful not to download too many, or your device will become cluttered and no longer serve a useful purpose. There are many different apps out there that’ll help you work more efficiently. It really comes down to personal preference and seeing what you like to work with and use on a daily basis. Apps you may find useful include Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Get the right Gadgets

In addition to apps, you want to scope out the different gadgets your phone has to offer. This also includes items like headphones, speakers and cameras. Accessories also help make your smartphone more productive and personalized to you. Do a search for gadgets that come with your phone, and you’ll see a long list of options. Once again, if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed, then it’s a good idea to only purchase devices that make your life easier.


Enhance your smartphone for business and pleasure by using these tips. Be patient and take the time to learn about your phone before you purchase several different items for your smartphone. Separate what you need for business and what’s for play, and make a list of what’s most significant to you. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it.

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