Data is very essential for the operations of many businesses. Lots of businesses today depend on its data for its day to day operations. Starting from a small business to a big organization, everyone use data.

As data is this much important, they store it in their systems. The data stored in the system is susceptible to loss sometimes. This data loss happens due to several reasons such as

  • System crash
  • Catastrophe events
  • Hard drive failure
  • Virus or malware attacks
  • Power failure etc

If such a situation occurs there may be chances to lose the data stored in the system. If the important business data loss it cause serious problems to the business. Therefore, it is must to keep a data recovery plan for managing this kind of situation. For this reason, the businesses use data recovery software.

Data recovery software

Data recovery software is a special program which is designed for the data recovery process. This software is used for recovering or restoring the lost data from the system. A number of data recovery software is used by businesses today.

As data recovery software has this much of importance, a number of companies produce and sell this type of data recovery software to the consumers. One such popular data recovery software is the EaseUS data recovery software.

About EaseUS

This is one of the most popular options used by people for data recovery. This is a software program which is normally used for recovering lost files and data from a damaged or affected system. This free data recovery software comes with a lot of features and functionalities. This makes the data recovery process so easy.

Features of EaseUS

Following are some of the features of EaseUS data recovery software

Free software

This is free software which means the trial version of this software can be downloaded for free from the internet. Users can download the trial version of this software from online and install it on their computer and use it.

Easy Interface

This is the greatest feature of EaseUS. This software is designed with simple and user-friendly interface. This easy to use interface makes the data recovery process easy. Users can recover their lost files and data through simple clicks.

Scan modes

This recovery software contains two types of scan modes namely the quick scan mode and deep scan mode.

Quick scan – In quick scan mode, it scans the storage where the data loss occurs for lost files and data. After scanning, it will provide the result of scan as the list of files. Users can restore their required files from the list.

Deep scan – The deep scan mode of this software performs an in-depth scan for the lost files and data. Therefore with deep scan, users can restore their entire lost data and files from the root of the system. Hence with the help of deep scan mode, one can be able get files that are not restored in the quick scan mode.

Preview option

This is a useful feature of EaseUS. Once the scanning process is over, the result of the scan is provided by the software in the form of a list. Every item contains the file name and a selection option and preview option. Users can preview each file and select the files that they want to recover. This prevents user from restoring unwanted files

User manual

Users can get the free user guide of this software in online. They can download it for free from the internet and use it. This will be helpful for new users who don’t know how to use this software.

File types

This recovery software restores different file types like audio, video, images, graphics, emails, text files and zip files.

Mac & Windows support

This data recovery software is available in both Windows version and Mac version

Hard drive recovery

Some data recovery programs contain features for recovering files from the user’s system only. However, EaseUS can also be used for hard drive recovery process. That is this free recovery program contains features for recovering files from the damaged hard drive. Hence, recovering data from an affected hard drive becomes easy with this software.

These features and functionalities make EaseUS popular data recovery software and is used by millions of users around the globe. In general, there is no more data recovery issues with the help of EaseUS.

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