We often see water resistant and waterproof devices floating all over the electronic showrooms and internet. However, maximum of the time they are assumed to be the same. After reading many articles about different varieties of gadgets and Technology, we found out that there is a hair like difference between waterproof and water resistant gadgets. Read the article till the end for improving your knowledge regarding such confusing concepts.

Water resistant means that the device will be able to bear a mild water sprinkle and Splash. The top surface would be coated with a light filament for protecting it against minute rain shower and hand washing water splash.

Talking about waterproof gadget, it means that the gadget has been manufactured out of company’s standard warranty. the device is going to effectively with stand against standing water. The sealing of the gadget are quite heavy for encountering any kind of accidental water dive. Even the deadliest water shower cannot hamper the guarantee and workability of a good quality waterproof gadget.

Now the most important point to be noted is that all the waterproof smartwatch are water resistant as well. However, the water resistant gadgets are not waterproof.

But what does water repellent mean?

Apart from water resistant and waterproof, the third important terminology that often confuses us is water repellent. Basically, water replant are slightly better than water resistant devices. These can be enlisted in the middle of water resistant and waterproof devices.  A thin nanotechnology film is coated around the smart watch for precluding immediate effect arising due to accidental water splashes and sprinkles. However, water repellent smart watches have always been in debates. Sometimes they are enough versatile to get categorized amongst waterproof watches while rest of the time they are suitable to get Jotted in the list of water resistant devices. Until and unless their workability have been personally checked, you cannot actually decide the exact level of water repellency they offer

So what do we understand?

Your smartphones and other electronic gadgets may come featured with water resistant built. However, that doesn’t mean you can enjoy throwing your device in a pool of water and expect it to work well. Water-resistant just means that it would be difficult for the tiny water drops to penetrate inside the device.

The process of waterproofing a device is comparatively longer and expensive. The devices that are waterproof come with IP code as a standard way to protect any gadget from water. The scale indicates the exact rating from 0 – 8 for ensuring the exact tolerance limit off the device in a particular water Depth.

Hence, if you ever plan to buy a watch or mobile phone that is able to survive even when thrown in a swimming pool, make sure that it is not only water repellent or water resistant but also waterproof. After all that is a big difference between all three. Also, find out the exact IP code rating before taking your gadget for a swimming dive with you. So next time you diving in the pool with your gadgets please make sure that is water proof not water resistance, other you will be in big trouble. If you are looking for a waterproof Smartphone then Sony is the best in that, and smart watch Fitbit is offering the waterproof smart watch upto 30m in depth.  So these are our suggestion, do let us know what yours in the comment section below.

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