Having the right skills to do a job will only get you so far. We know that sounds unfair, but since when has the universe ever been a wish-making factory. Don’t get us wrong, having the right technical skills for a role will more than certainly get you into the door for an interview, but it is the business skills that complement these that will see you land the job, or get the promotion.

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It doesn’t matter that there is no real way of measuring this kind of skill, the point is this: they are so, so important to have in your arsenal. They are things that separate you from the crowd, the skills that will see management take a shine to you and your chance of climbing the ranks increase ten fold. You see, the way a business will look at your capabilities is simple: they can easily teach technical skills. However, they can’t teach creativity, time management, and leadership thinking quite so easily.

So, in order to give you the best future possible, we have come up with a list of business skills that will make every boss, leader and line-manager smile from ear to ear. Yeah, with these, you’ll get snapped up quicker than the last chocolate biscuit at a board meeting.

Everyone Wants A Good Communicator

Too many people think that being a good communicator means being able to speak publicly in front of three-hundred people, or someone that is unrivaled when it comes to the written word. This is not the case, though. A good communicator is simply someone that is able to express themselves well. That’s all. This could be someone that can talk confidently with a Powerpoint presentation behind them or just converse with a person on their team in such a way that they know exactly what they should be doing and what you need from them. By having this ability, your employer will see you as having more than one ability, and that will make you better value.

Someone That Is A Good Leader

Every business wishes they had more leaders to rely on, which is because leaders are able to ensure a business runs that much more effectively and smoothly. What are the main characteristics of a great leader? Well, apart from being a good communicator, it is someone that is able to quickly come up with solutions for problems and organize the team around them. Of course, just saying you’re a good leader may not cut it. As such, we recommend you get yourself an online BA in organizational studies degree and start collecting specific examples of when and where you showed great problem-solving skills. The more you can give your – potential – employer in terms of measurable success the better your chances of achieving the results you want.

Someone With The Right Attitude

Attitude is one of the most important personality traits to a business leader. Like we said above, this is because technical skills can be taught and experience can be gained. However, personality is something that is more inherent, so work on this and start exuding it at every opportunity. You’ll be amazed by how far an infectious positive outlook can go in business. But by having a personality that encourages a good work environment or a productive team is worth its weight in gold. What employers are looking for on this front is someone that can work well in a team, add a little proactive optimism to a task and resolve conflict without having to try. These are all important assets to a company because they all keep the ship moving forward without any hiccups. If you feel you need assistance on this front, then it could well be worth swatting up on relevant TED Talks about positive psychology or spend a little time seeking out a mentor that can help you understand where you need to work harder.

Always Be Adaptable

This is one of the most sought after qualities in an employee at the moment, and one of the reasons why so many employers are focusing their efforts on attracting top Millennial talent to their companies. This is because a lot of professionals that have been around for a while tend to be more stuck in their ways. Nowadays, one of the ways businesses try and reduce their overheads is to have staff that has a passion for learning, the determination to adapt and the ability to grow beyond the role they were brought on to perform. If you are applying for jobs, then make sure your CV shows how you have continued to push yourself. If you are looking for a promotion, then make sure you are continually proving yourself in areas that are outside your job description.

Soft skills are fast becoming as important as technical skills. We can’t stress this enough. With the advancement in technology making more and more tasks easier to perform, employers are looking for those that can offer more than just a specific set of skills. Make sure you can offer these to them and you’re onto a winner.

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