How To Control Your Android Device from PC

Smartphones have been the most innovative products the technology has ever given us. It helps you stay in touch, and keep working on your tasks while on the move. But, it also distracts you from what you are doing. Let me elaborate it with an example. Let us assume you are working on your computer, and suddenly you have a message from your friend. You need to leave what you are doing and pick up the phone. What if you could control your Android device from PC? That is what we would attempt today.
Many apps would help you control your Android device from PC. We will examine a couple of them so that you can learn using your computer as an extension of your smartphone.

How to Control your Android device from PC?

Would it not be great to respond to a text message on your PC? One step ahead – what if you can control your Android in its entirety? Yes, you can do it. We present a list of a few such apps.


Vysor can mirror your entire Android screen on your computer. You would just need to install ADB drivers on your computer and enable Android debugging on your smartphone. Vysor also works in Chrome web browser and thus should suit any operating system.

Control Your Android Device
Control Your Android Device from PC

Once everything is set up, just scan for the devices from your computer. Now choose your Android from the list and connect to it. Your Android screen will begin mirroring itself on your computer screen. The app works intuitively. You may need to get familiar with a few keyboard shortcuts. The contents on your screen will orient into landscape or portrait orientation based on the contents on your phone screen. It is one of the great means to control Android device from PC.


This is one of the easiest and popular methods that can be used to control your Android device from your PC. It is used to transfer files between your smartphone and PC wirelessly.

Control Android Device
Control Android Device

Airdroid works across multiple platforms like Windows, Mac and Web interface. It will let you send and receive SMS from your PC without the need to touch your Android. Not only SMS, but you can also use it to transfer files of any nature from and to your PC.
The app can be used to install or uninstall any app on your Android phone. The device can be used to track your smartphone if it is lost.


TeamViewer can be used to control your Android smartphone remotely. It offers you an easy option of remote access to your Android device. The connection so obtained is quite faster and secure.

Control Android Device from PC
Control your Android Device

You can exchange your SMSs and other files with your friends as well. The remote access feature of the app should make it one of the price choices to control your Android Device from PC.

In Conclusion

That would wind up our short list of the ways with which you can control your Android device from PC. We have included only a couple of representative apps in the list featured here. Each of those methods needs a separate post for an elaborate description. We would welcome the feedback from our readers about the methods described here to control Android device from PC.