As time has changed, photography has acquired a total metamorphosis in several aspects! One of the notable dawns the world of photography has seen recently is called Smartphone photography, which has gradually encouraged a lot of Smartphone photograph to explore that beautiful world of conveying their message through visual treat.

For time being, we are in a situation that one, who does have a decent Smartphone with good camera features, can impress whole world through his photographs, despite it might not be compatible with those DSLR-made photos if you give a bit more importance to image quality and technical aspects.


Nevertheless, understanding importance of the Smartphone photography, Depositphotos has come up with an awesome idea that allows Smartphone photographers to express what they want to tell through images, and EARN from those! All these are possible through single Application that is available for both Android and iOS – Clashot. So, here we are, with a review of Clashot app.

So, are you not ready to have a glimpse on Clashot, that awesome app for no-SLR photographer in you? Before we begin, as you might have some doubts about working method of Clashot, we will tell you that first.

What is Clashot & how does it work?

Despite the fact that we are reviewing Clashot for Android in this article, Clashot is actually a platform; in which user can share photographs he/she has taken using Android & iOS Smartphones. You can access that mentioned platform by going to as well.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the case of mobile application, the task is very simple. The user can take photographs, and upload them to the platform using that official application itself, and she or he will be PAID whenever a person purchases his/her photograph from Clashot. Therefore, the actual cycle is very simple, as it wants you to – capture the photograph, upload it to Clashot, wait for the client to purchase, and retrieve your payment! Doesn’t it sound simple? Now, we will tell you what we felt about Clashot during our first use.

Why does it make sense to use Clashot?

Clashot is based on the notion that news media and publishing agencies always prefer natural photographs to those artificial ones! Despite the fact that DSLR-made photographs may be having unmatchable quality and other aspects, at least in some special cases, those natural ones, made using Smartphones, may seem even attractive. So, when we have some issues or events (unexpected ones) out there, these news media will try to find natural photographs of it. And, in this situation, we can find the real role of Clashot, as it will help both the photographer and media authority.

Capturing Photographs & uploading them

Uploading photographs using Clashot is extremely simple, because the App itself will show you the solution! A set of photographs is known as Report, and you have to create a report to upload photographs to the platform. In the next step, you can either choose photos from your gallery or take a new one instantly. After these, you have to give a nice caption to the photograph, probably with strong link towards the topic of photo, which will in turn increase reach of that particular photo. After these, you can upload your photo, and your account will be credited accordingly when a purchase of photograph is made.

Camera App & Performance

Actually, the default camera application of Clashot is not that great, but simply satisfactory. It does not offer you any kind of editing or controlling feature over your images, except those ones to adjust flashlight. So, preferably, it would be great if you can use a third party camera application or default camera of your Smartphone camera itself. So, we have to say that limitations of default camera app of Clashot are a serious drawback, indeed.

In terms of performance and speed, Clashot didn’t disappoint us! It is actually a quick application that can gather you whatever information you want in seconds if you have a decent internet connection. Yet, we had to wait some time, when we tried to link Facebook and social media accounts. At the same time, the user options of Photographer is of course impressive, as it will let you receive payments quickly, set up your profile quickly etc.

Our Verdict

When we are supposed to give a verdict, we would like to say that Clashot is an essential App for those who want to earn from Smartphone photography. The application is also available for iOS devices, and we’ll recommend Clashot to all our readers.

Download Clashot App from Google Play Store

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