Android has been one of the most popular operating systems. Changing the default country in your Google Play Account has been treated to be one of the toughest tasks as long as handling your Google Play account is concerned. How to Change Your Country in Google Play Store Account? It is quite easy if some of the tips available from different sources. However, most of them fail to provide the desired results. That’s why we are here with the solution to change your change Google Play country.

How to Change Your Country in Google Play Store Account?

Why would one want to change the default country in one’s Google Play Store account? Well, there are several reasons you would want to do that. Maybe you want to access the Google Play store meant for another country. Or maybe you have some issues with the account when associated with a particular country. Whatever be the reasons, we are here to help you out with how to change Google Play location.

Country in Google Play Store Account
How to Change Your Country in Google Play Store Account

Before proceeding, please note that the tips indicated may not work in all cases. We have listed out two major tricks. Check which one works for you.

Method 1 – Use a VPN Service

Using a VPN is the easiest method if you want to access the content that is meant for a different location. A VPN service masks your default location and thus can be a great way to have access to change the country in your Google Play Store account.

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This trick involves using Family Library. That would mean you can use this method to change your country to the one that supports Family Library. You need to access the Family Library and to do it, you should have a Google Account that is associated with that country. So, just create one using a VPN service.

  • Create a Google Account with a country where Family Library is available. You need not create a new Gmail ID. It does work with your existing account – whether Outlook or Yahoo.
  • Remember to set the location for your desired country. You can provide your local mobile number for verification.
  • Access the Google payments center and delete all the information here.
  • Go to Settings and change your country to the desired one.
  • Once everything is done, log in to your new Google Account.  
  • Grab a VPN service, connect to it and change the default country in the VPN app.
  • Delete the data and cache in the Play Store app. Restarting would be a good idea.
  • Go to Family Library Settings therein and add your existing Google Account. You should now get a confirmation mail in your mailbox.
  • Open the email and confirm your email ID.

That should do it. You should now have access to your preferred location on your Google Play Account. Please note that you need to opt for a VPN service that has servers available in the country that you want to change to.

Method 2 – Change Payment Details

This solution is provided by Google Support pages. We are not sure whether it works in your location. However, you can opt for it if your desired country has no Family Library.

Follow these steps here below.

  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Access your Payment methods.  You can do it by accessing <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Google Wallet</a>.
  • Delete all your information from the payment details page.
  • Add a card with a billing address in your desired country.
  • Also, change Home Address and location by going into the Settings on your Google Wallet.
  • Now launch the Play Store and have access to the Google Play account meant for your location.

Google has clearly explained the guides and instructions in each of the steps. This should do the trick and you will be able to access the Google Play account from your desired location.

However, there is a catch here. Google Wallet services are not yet available in all the countries. If your current location does not have Google Wallet services, you may need to create a new profile. For creating a new profile, you will need a credit card issued from that location. That would mean, for instance, if you want to access Google Play Store in the US, you need to have a card associated with a billing address from the US.

Conclusion for How to Change Your Country in Google Play Store Account

Well, those were a couple of methods that can be used to change your country in Google Play Store account. Do note that there are several methods available over the Internet that help you do that. But, there have been reports indicating that it may not work in all cases.

Do let us know if you are aware of any other tips to change your country in Google Play Account. We will also update the post as and when we find new methods to change your Google Account default country.

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