Years ago, no one of us would have ever thought of a social network like Facebook. But as the technology improved, things started growing and changing up. A new technology has come up with every passing era. Today is the day when most of us have made the internet as our daily life. Social media websites are ruling the internet.

Catering to the needs of youth, Boink Live Streaming Corporation has brought up the Bonk Be Live app to the market along with the Bonk Be Live Mobile entertainment platform. With this new social broadcasting application, the people can broadcast themselves and watch their favorite social media influencer live using this app. Let’s explore this new social broadcasting platform in details.

Bonk Be Live – What is it?

The all new BonkLive app is all set to rule the app industry with the launch of its influencer program – ‘Bonk Be Live’ in 2018. Around 700 major influencers, singers, actors, and superstars will be selected for producing the daily content and weekly shows for the Bonk Be Live application. This application will break the new grounds in the live video technology and the user-generated content.

Bonk Be Live has been powered with lots of exciting features including gifts, filters, and a simplified user interface that offers an engaging experience to the users. A powerful advertising model with a potential to help the broadcasters make money, Bonk Be Live is surely the app for the next generation.

Why there is Every Chance that Bonk Be Live will hit the Market?

Bonk Be Live has partnered with the social influencer agency – The Sociable Society for managing the Bonk Be Live Influencer Program. With this program, some of the biggest social media stars will be adopting this platform and will produce the content for it every day. A Master Service Agreement (MSA) was signed with The Sociable Society to launch Bonk Be Live Influencer program.

Now, Bonk Be Live will be reproducing the paid advertising system that will be similar to the television ads. The Bonk Be Live will also connect the social media personalities with big brands and bring direct consumer marketing campaigns which will target the niche audience.

How Bonk Be Live will benefit the Advertiser?

As social media personalities will be producing the app’s content and they will be responsible for promoting the products of big brands, their followers will be influenced by the word of mouth. It will bring huge sales to the brands and will also help the Boink Live Streaming Corporation to bring huge revenue.

Bonk Be Live’s technology will combine the online entertainment with the direct consumer sales and will bring the revenue to the organization and live streamers. This type of income generation has never been seen in the live streaming space.

What users get on Bonk Be Live?

Bonk Be Live is an awesome service that allows the users to have access to array of free services. Some of them are as follows:

  • Stream with your friends and family from anywhere in the world for free.
  • Watch your favorite superstars streaming live.
  • You can download or purchase your favorite movies from the app.
  • You can get paid for promoting the advertiser’s product while streaming.
  • Avail discounts on major products and brands.
  • Play games powered with Virtual Realty and Augmented reality.
  • Make use of Bonk Be Live Credit and debit card as a secured bank vault.
  • You can transfer and receive the money instantly and safely 24X7.
  • You can use the credit card facility for making the purchases or buying goods.
  • Exchange virtual gifts and redeem 3-D gifts for cash.
  • Interact with worldwide audience, share your moments, and become the next superstar with this app.

BonkLive even launched Imagically for leading the development of BonkLive app and managing the tech companies and builders working with BonkLive. The web design and technical aspects of the Bonk Be Live Rayan Calderon (Philippines) and Julia Pashko (Ukraine) who are the gems of Boink Live Streaming Corporation.

The Bottom Line

Boink Live Streaming Corporation has hustled to the live streaming app industry. Its product is admired by the users who get an opportunity to connect to worldwide audience and make money in the process. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Download it now!

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