You may want to block websites on your Google Chrome browser. There are several reasons you may want to do this. Maybe some sites have malware or virus. There may be some sites that you may not trust and do not want anyone to access them. Then there are are some sites that may distract you while you are at work. If you are looking to block websites on Google Chrome in a minute, we are here to help you out. Get to know how to block websites on Google Chrome within a minute.

Why Do You Need To Block Websites on Google Chrome

There are several reasons you would want to block websites. Some of these sites may contain virus as we stated before. A few of them may steal your personal data and sell them to third-party services. The content on certain sites may not be suitable for some people. For instance, the content may be inappropriate for your kids.

Block Websites on Google Chrome
How to Block Websites on Google Chrome

Then there are times you want to be focused on the work you are on. There are some sites, especially social media networks that may distract you from your work. In such cases, extensions that help you stay focused on your work would be a good choice.

How to Block Websites on Google Chrome Within a Minute

Well, you now know why you would want to block a few websites on Google Chrome, or for that matter any browser. But, how would you do it? We present you a few ways you can achieve it.

Method 1 – Use Chrome Extensions

There are a few extensions that are available in Google Chrome which help you block websites on it. One such good extension that can be helpful is Block Site.

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Visit Chrome Web Store to get access to the extension. The extension is quite easy to setup and use. As soon as you install it, you are ready to use it. One of the added advantages of the extension is it can be password protected so that it cannot be uninstalled or altered. However, the feature is available in Pro version.

There are several other features associated with the extension. You can block the sites only for a few hours, or set it to redirect instead of showing as blocked. The extension is also helpful in blocking the websites that have objectionable words. You can type in the blocked words through the settings on the extension. Any website that contains the blocked websites will be blocked by Block Site extension.

Method 2 – Block Sites By Changing Settings

You can change the settings in your host file so that the websites you have chosen are blocked. Here are the steps you need to follow to Block Websites on Google Chrome now.

    • Log in to your Windows PC as an administrator.


  • Launch File Explorer and access C:WindowsSystem32driversetc
  • Now, open the file named Hosts using Notepad. You may also use any other word processor applications like Notepad+ or Wordpad.
  • Add the line at the end of the page.
  • Go on adding the URLs one by one in separate lines.
  • Save this file and restart your computer.


That should do it. You have successfully blocked the websites you have added to the Hosts file. You can check by opening any of the browsers and checking the websites you have blocked in the above steps.

Method 3 – Nanny Chrome Extension

Nanny is another extension that would help you block the websites you do not want to be accessible. Well, the extension is quite old in terms of interface.

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But, still – the Chrome extension would be helpful in whitelisting or blacklisting the websites you do not want to be available for you or for your kids. In fact, just like lock Site extension, Nanny Extension too has several options that would help you set a time frame so that the site will not be accessible only for the stipulated time. Moreover, it can also let you specify the maximum amount of time that you are allowed to spend on each of the specified websites. Adding websites to your blocked sites is quite easy with Nanny extension. Access the Options for the Blocked URLs. You can find the blocked URLs in this list. You may add any sites you would want to add to the list of the Options.

Conclusion for How to Block Websites on Google Chrome

You may use any of these methods to block the websites that you do not want to be accessible to anyone using your PC or Laptop. These extensions and other methods would be helpful in controlling the sites that can be accessed on your PCs.

In fact, the tips would be helpful in blocking sites on your laptops. You may also use the methods indicated above to block access to nonproductive sites at your office so that your employees will not be able to access those sites during working hours. Use this article to learn How to Block Websites on Google Chrome and share your views with us.


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