Virtual Reality has been one of the recent innovations that have quite changed the way you enjoyed the entertainment.  Headsets from a few well-known manufacturers like Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC have been instrumental in making VR Apps a force to reckon with. However, Google Cardboard has been the most affordable option when it comes to VR systems currently available. Let us find the best VR Apps for Google Cardboard in the following paragraphs.

Google Cardboard App is indeed the beginner’s tool before the rest of them begin to rule. The content for VR is being made available at an exponential rate. Why not check out a few great VR Apps you can try on your Google Cardboard? Here we go.

Top Great VR Apps for Cardboard

#1. Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR – h3 tag

The title lets you know all. The VR app is a tribute to moon landing that happened in 1971. Simulate the extraordinary mission sitting in the comforts of your home.

best vr apps
Best VR Apps

The experience is much realistic. What makes it even more genuine is the fact that the app uses the footage from NASA. Cruise on your Lunar Rover and explore everything on the surface of the moon first hand. It can be one of the most realistic and best VR apps for Android.

Ensure your device can handle high-end graphics though. Undoubtedly, the best VR apps for Google Cardboard you can try.

#2. Google Cardboard App

That’s the official app for Google Cardboard. You can use it for setting up your Google Cardboard device.

Google Cardboard app

The tool comes with Earth, Tour Guide, My Videos, Exhibit, Photo Sphere and Arctic Journey as part of its paraphernalia. If you are looking for only one VR apps from this list, this one will be among the best Cardboard apps you can choose. The tool can let you use the stuff on your device with the cardboard as well.

Google Cardboard also lets you search and download other VR content over the web.


New York Times has been involved in almost all technological innovations. NYTVR is another move in that direction.


You can access the news in a newer techy way with the app. The app lets you be at the site of the news and get a first-hand experience. Whether it is political issues, or natural calamities, or even the experiences of nature at its best.

#4. Titans of Space

Titans of Space has been one of the most popular VR apps for Cardboard. Educative and informative, it lets you gather knowledge about the solar system.

titans of space

Move around the heavenly bodies, explore them and compare their sizes – those are a few tasks you can do. And to add more value to your experience and information, there is a voice narration as well. It lets you travel through the solar system and find everything about how things work.

The Google Cardboard app is free with almost all major features. However, if you want voice narration, you may need to go Pro.

#5. Discovery VR

We are talking about Virtual Reality and how can a network like Discovery stay aloof? Discovery VR is a VR app for Google Cardboard from Discovery Channel.

Discovery VR

Enjoy the most advanced and enjoyed documentaries of the channel in the best of VR experience. Apart from the content, you can also enjoy the behind the scenes footage as well. The application is free and you can use it with or without Google Cardboard.

The best part is the app is free and you do not need to spend a penny to enjoy the best ever experience.

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#6. Expeditions

Expeditions is an education oriented VR app for Google Cardboard. Coming from Google, the app is free to use.

Google Expeditions app

The app is best meant for your classroom consumption. Expeditions, as the name itself, should indicate is a tour of the destinations around the globe. Take out the expedition to over 200 locations globally from the comforts of your chair. Landmarks, waterscapes, space or even underwater – Expeditions has it all.

There is a 360 degree 3D technology that lets you explore the world at its best.

#7. Insidious VR

In an attempt to satisfy all the genres of people looking for VR apps, our search for horror VR apps landed us at Insidious VR. Horror has been one of the best options for VR.

insidious VR app

The Horror VR app has it all. The usual formula of a horror story – the jump scares, build of tension through micro indication of something being an array and the incredible sound effects. In fact, horror is a genre that does not need much of an ingredient to be successful. And that is precisely what makes horror one of the favored genres for VR apps.

Created by Focus Features, the app is free.

#8. Fulldive VR

Yet another free VR apps for Google Cardboard, Fulldive VR claims itself to be a VR Navigation tool. You can use hoards of VR content from around the globe.

full dive vr app

The Fulldive VR app is compatible with both Google Cardboard and DayDream devices. It works basically as a VR content library. You would be able to watch over a million VR videos and over 500 VR games on the service. It also supports VR Videos from YouTube as well. The app comes packed with a VR browser and a VR Video player built within the app. It acts as an all in one social media service for all your VR content globally.

#9. AAA VR Cinema

If you have stored VR videos on your device, AAA VR Cinema can be your best bet for watching them in the best VR quality. This VR app has an extremely easy interface to use and does not need any steeper learning curve.

aaa vr cinema

Just put on your Google cardboard and play the video from your device. The service offers you a 180 degree and 360-degree video performance. Some of the features that would make it contemporary and in tune with the current standards of VR technology can be summarised as Head Tracking, support for NAS and removal of drift issues.

Get it free from Google Play Store and enjoy the best of your VR experiences.

#10. Cardboard Camera

If you own a Google Cardboard VR headset, Cardboard Camera is yet another app you should never miss to add to your list of best VR apps for Google Cardboard. It can indeed be treated to be the easiest VR app you have ever found.

cardboard camera app

You can use it to create your own VR content. You need not sign up for an account to start using the app. What makes it one of the best options is the fact that it does not need you to have any special technology background to be able to use the app.  The interface and the functionality are simple to learn, but getting the best of your talents can take a little time. Be patient and keep trying. Enjoy your first steps in VR video creation.

Create your own VR videos and images and share them with the world. You can get it free from Google Play Store.

The Concluding Thoughts for the Best VR Apps for Google Cardboard

That brings us to the end of our top picks for the best VR apps for Google Cardboard. In fact, if you have not yet attempted your skills at VR, Google Cardboard should be your first VR headset. In fact, we would recommend that as it helps you get used to the concept of Virtual Reality.

And if you have bought it already, we are sure that the best VR apps for Google Cardboard featured in this list of top picks should meet all your requirements. We have restricted ourselves to the apps that would need minimal knowledge and expertise about the VR technology as the compilation is meant for those who are just venturing into the world of Virtual reality.

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