Torrents are quite useful in this modern era; you can actually all the digitally related contented from torrent sites. In the previous article, we’ve shared about the best and working torrent sites. This time, we’ve decided to gather some of the best torrent clients and round it up in an article. To download torrents, you need to have a good torrent client installed on your PC or Laptop, without a torrent client, you will not be able to download any torrents.

Just like the list of torrent sites, the list of torrent clients is immense. It’ll take a lot of time for you to download each and every client to test it out. So to help out our readers who are looking for the Best Torrent Clients, we’ve decided to prepare this article. So without wasting any further minute, let’s dive into the list.

Best Torrent Clients of 2017

1. Utorrent: Undoubtedly, Utorrent tops the list of Best Torrent Clients due to its remarkable features and reliability. Utorrent is a lightweight torrent client which doesn’t consume much resource of your PC or Laptop. Utorrent supports torrent downloading via Magnet Url and .Torrent files. Utorrent also provides Media playback support for Streaming videos. And lastly, It comes with an easy to use and super user friendly interface. Do give it a try if you haven’t.

Best Torrent Clients
Best Torrent Clients

2. Vuze: Vuze is another great torrent client to download torrents with full speed. Vuze is one of the most popular torrent client used by people all over the world. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platform. Vuze comes with a paid plan which unlocks many advanced features; you will get basic features like media playback and remote control in the free version. The paid version of Vuze is priced at 29.99$ but completely worth spending.

Top Torrent Clients
Top Torrent Clients

3. Bitlord: I guess many of you heard about the Bitlord, it is known for its uniqueness and advanced user interface options. The best thing about bitlord is its password encryption for security purpose. Just like Utorrent and Vuze, Bitlord is also available for Windows and Mac platform. However, it is not yet available for mobiles. You can also create or add your personal or private torrents in Bitlord.

4. Qbittorrent: Qbittorent is known as the best alternative to Utorrent. Qbittorrent is also a lightweight torrent client which doesn’t require much Ram to run. It allows you to have full control over your torrents, comes with straightforward and easy to use interface. Qbittorent shows fewer ads compared to other torrent clients that you will find in the market. Also, the ads the placed in a well manner that it doesn’t annoy the user.

5. Deluge: Deluge is an open source torrent client, a great tool for tech savvy kind of people. Deluge offers unique features as its an open source client. You can also add passwords to the downloaded torrents for additional privacy. Surprisingly, Deluge also provides support for Proxies. There’s isn’t much in Deluge, but still, it holds it’s own spot and taste on this list. Do give it a try for a remarkable experience.

6. Tixati: Tixati is a new app in the torrent client field, but it has gained a lot of attention and users since the day one. What I like the most about Tixati is its incredible design and rich UI which delivers a wonderful experience to the user. Apart from Magnet URL feature, Tixati also comes with port forwarding feature which many clients doesn’t offer. Overall, it’s a good torrent client.

7. Transmission: Transmission is another feature packed app, it was featured in many Best Torrent Sites lists last year. Transmission can be easily controlled from Pc or any other supported devices. One of the best thing about Transmission is that it provides an ad-free experience to the user. Actually, there aren’t any ads, and it’s an open source app.

8. Aria2: Aria2 is an ultimate torrent downloading client which has received a lot of positive reviews. Just like other torrent clients, Aria2 is the fastest and useful torrent client for torrents without speed capping issues. I’m sure many of you might haven’t heard about Aria2 but definitely give it a try.

Conclusion on above Best Torrent Clients

That’s all for this article, So, guys, these were the Best Torrent Clients of 2017. I hope you have found the article helpful, do give us a thumbs up using the comment section. Also, don’t forget to add to your valuable suggestion if you have any. We’ll be more than happy to implement them.


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