Telegram is one of my favorite messaging platform, because of it’s incredible look and rich UI. Now it’s even more interesting with the help of bots, in fact, bots are the latest update of this platform. You might be thinking how best Telegram bots are useful, well, here is the answer.

Best telegram bots
Best telegram bots

10 Best Telegram Bots For Your Messaging

1. Weather Man Bot: WeatherMan bot could be very helpful when you want to know the weather of your location or city. All you have to do is just add the contact to your list. That’s it, the bot will track your location and will provide you weather reports.

2. Pomodoro timer bot: Finding ways to increase your overall productivity? Then Pomodoro timer bot is here to help you. You just have to set the timer and start working until the timer rings, then take a small break and get back to work.

3. Delorean Bot: In case, if you’re someone who often forgets the thing you have to do then Delorean bot can you help in getting you rid of this. You just have to set the notifications and their timings, this best telegram bot will send you notifications at the given time.

4. GitHub Bot: GitHub bot is a great bot from Github. It will send you the notifications of the events in your public GitHub repositories. You can also make any comments if required from the telegram itself.

5. Metrics Bot: If you’re a blogger, then you should definitely check this out from the list of Best Telegram Bots. Metrics Bot will open up all the stats of your blog just like google analytics. Some people also call it as the little version of google analytics. You can check the stats of your blog anytime and anywhere.

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6. Growth Bot: Growth bot is an effective and useful bot for Telegram. Daily you will get new growth hacks and tips right in your inbox. It will simplify the effort of finding useful tips in order to main a healthy life.

7. Jdq bot: Jdq is a kind of an inspirational bot which will motivate you in many different ways. You can use this bot if you want to receive new and inspirational quotes daily, get information regarding the traditions and customs etc.

8. Sticker Bot: If you’re an emoji freak or lover, then Sticker bot could be very helpful for you. The bot will help in finding the best and funny stickers which are most relevant to your emojis.

9. Wikipedia Voice Bot: Wikipedia is a great source of information, now you don’t have to open your browser to get information from Wikipedia. You can now browse Wikipedia from your telegram itself.

10. SaveVideo Bot: SaveVideo bot lets the user to easily download and save any video from Youtube and other popular video sharing platforms. SaveVideo bot is known as the best Telegram bot today.

So these were the Best Top Telegram Bots for today

These best Telegram bots will really help you to save a lot of time. If you’re a telegram lover, then you should definitely give a try to the bots which I have shared in this article. Don’t forget to share your experience and opinions on these bots.

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