Have you ever been “politely excused” by your client when you reminded him of the next assignment which he had promised to give to you once?

If yes, then be aware about the actual scenario of what constitutes competition in today’s era.

The world respects and expects professionals

Yes, nothing remains permanent in a competitive world. Every single passing second or minute, the loyalties of people change. Yes, in other words, when it comes to business, people prefer professionalism as this is the “only” language which they hear, understand and expects others to speak as well.


Well, this was quite a pivotal lesson which I had learnt months back, when the client wasn’t interested to continue anymore with my company. Yes, it was all because of us who couldn’t comprehend the seriousness of him reminding us again and again of why “our developed software needs further improvement”. Yes, in the first case, our lack of professional experience couldn’t give us enough knowledge and we were only fighting with the substandard hosting service which we were getting. Due to slow loading time of the websites, (due to faulty web hosting), we couldn’t get right environment of creating changes accordingly. Unfortunately, we were only occupied in “blame game” with the previous provider whose “lack of knowledge” and “unprofessionalism” couldn’t have worsened our position in the market. Apart of that, due to frequent down time of our website, general queries of the masses, never reached us, thus pushing us further towards danger.

However, luckily, all of that seemed to have changed the tables for us. We took it as a learning experience and my main idea of presenting the post is to ensure that each one of you needs to “better” things, even if it late.

Now, after choosing  Liberty VPS Offshore Hosting, things made me realize, how “professionalism” is important, and this is where our sophistication, quality, and awesomeness is complemented directly with the hard-work which we have been doing for months now. In short, we are getting much faster results with our skills, research and innovative thought process which we have been doing.

Lets you to be anonymous

If you wanted to be “unknown” in the world where you take this aspect very seriously, then Liberty VPS hosting is there for you

Safe mode of payment ever expected and regarded by you

So what’s that? Well, it is the bitcoin payment where you don’t have to use your credit card. This is an additional method of re-focusing on your ideology where you wanted safety as well as security.

Offshore station

Well, the beauty of online world is that we tend to pick things from the close bondage which the world offers. Yes, “booking”, “talking” and “chatting” with service providers have become way easier. Distance hardly matters and even the greatest thing is that we have more options to choose these days from the whole world. Likewise, as I experienced “pleasant change” in my team’s methodology which has become far more motivated and dedicated due to getting instant results, that I have all the praise for the Liberty VPS Offshore Hosting which is operating from Netherlands.

No downtime, no issues

Like me, as you take the services of VPS Offshore Hosting, all the previous issues such as slow speed or whatever “worse” you can possibly associate with your website will go away once and forever. Yes, that’s what I have experienced. Considering the nature of my website where people timely orders for services relating with software, even few seconds of downtime, will result in huge loss. I had a bitter experience in the past and I knew how embarrassing and challenging it becomes to overcome that phase. So, as someone, who believes in telling good things to people, I thought to write the post in length, where it was important to highlight the problems initially faced by me and how VPS Offshore Hosting changed the game of my business for the better.

Hi, This is Itender Rawat and I am Editor-in-Chief of Tricksmode.com
I am 26 year tech lover, bike rider and thinker from Dehradun who writes about Technology, Mobiles, Android, Softwares and Internet


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