Do you know what plagiarism is? In simple words, it means that you are copying the words from various other sources and not even giving any credits to the same.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker

You can also say that it is a pure form of cheating where a person claims someone else’s work to be theirs without giving their own inputs. Numerous people have been searching for the best free online plagiarism checker and here we are.

Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker list below



This being one of the topmost free plagiarism checker website because it provide the users with free services including unlimited papers, accepts all types of file formats, instant as well as easy ways for downloading the reports.

Article Checker

This online plagiarism tool allows users to check their work instantly without registering or downloading. Within seconds, it generates the result but sometimes it might generate dissatisfying results.

Plagiarism Checker

This free online plagiarism checker tool is particularly beneficial to lecturers/teachers and authors because it gives different guides about using the product. This site allow users to check their articles, handouts, documents for plagiarism as well as can even report the detection immediately.


This being one of the simplest free online plagiarism checker online. Users need to simply enter the domain name where they want to check the plagiarism content along with few keywords. This helps in showing the full plagiarised content along with the keywords rankings.


This site not only provide its users with plagiarism checking tools but also provides them with a wide range of other services which include tutors, private tuitions as well as exam preparation tips.


Users need not to register on this site for using free online tools of plagiarism. Furthermore, it provides the users with every bit of information associated with plagiarism. Though at one point of time it only allow users to check 1500 words but still if one of the best plagiarism checker online.


This free online plagiarism checker tool help the users in checking their copied content by providing with few options including real time results, display of summaries and texts found. This site helps the users not only in checking the copied content through the web but also in social media sites.


This site also works similarly to other sites mentioned in this list but users can register themselves for a premium version which helps them in having more powerful detection about the copied contents.


This site provide the users with wide range of features other than checking plagiarized content. Users can even use its feature of article rewriting as well as backlink maker, link tracker, Google pagerank and much more.


This site generates the plagiarized report within few minutes and only supports few file formats. It helps in giving accurate reports.

We have seen tremendous growth in the creation of websites which made people seek out easy ways for copying other’s content in order to get traffic to their own sites but Google crawlers are not fools out there.

Being a blogger, you have to make sure that no one can claim your content to be theirs by any means because it is quite frustrating as well as annoying that after our painstaking efforts other copy our work and claim to be theirs.

These are 10 best free online plagiarism checker which you can use in detecting the plagiarized content on your website.


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