15 Best Android Launchers For Customizations Fans

As you all know, Android is one of the most popular and successful operating system, most of the people prefer Android over any other OS because it offers an extreme level of customizations. One of the best and easiest way to make customizations on your Android device is by installing the best launcher apps. As usual, Google Play Store is filled with loads of apps in every category.
Most probably, you’ll end up installing some crappy launched on your Android device, so in order to help out our readers, we’ve gathered some of the Best Android Launchers for customization fans.

Best Android Launchers For Customizations Lovers

1. Action Launcher: Action is one of the best and powerful launcher for Android phones. It offers great features like slide-out app drawer, smooth scrolling, convert your app icons into covers, and much more.
Best Android Launchers
2. Apex: Apex Android launcher is another great app which offers a lot of customizations to make your Android look and feel better while using. It comes with features like high customizations of home page screen, dock scrollings, an extreme amount of transition effects.
Best Android Launchers
3. Google Now: Google Now is a pure DOPE, it is the most powerful Android launcher in the market which comes pre-installed in the Nexus series. Google Now focuses on user interface rather than branding; definitely, a must try launcher for Android phones.
4. Nova Launcher: Nova Launcher is one of the popular Android launcher, it offers a lot of special features like themes, solid icons for your apps, customized app drawer, impressive UI, additional nova themes available in Google Play store.

5. Go Launcher Ex: Go Launcher is a tough competitor of Nova Launcher. When ti comes to the effects, then nothing can compete with Go Launcher Ex. The amount and quality of effects you get in Go Launcher are incredible.
Best Android Launchers
6. Next Launcher: If you’re looking for a 3D type of launcher, then Next launcher is a good option for you. It offers a high level of customizations in 3D effects, the pro version of Next Launcher is robust and value for money.
Best Android Launchers
7. Launcher 8: Launcher 8 is for people who are looking to transform their Android into a Windows based phone. Launcher 8 delivers Windows OS UI and interface; you’ll have true windows eight experience as it features a beautiful looking design.
8. Buzz Launcher: Buzz Launcher is known as an Innovative launcher because of it’s new and unique features. It provides new and innovative theme/ideas for your homepage, customized widget section, impressive transition and real-time effects to make your enhance your experience.
9. Dodol Launcher: Dodol launcher is probably the most downloaded Android launcher in Google Play Store. With over 10 million downloads, in terms of updates, Dodol Launcher is the best. Unlike other launchers, Dodol Launcher is a lightweight launcher for Android.
10. Apus Launcher: Apus Launcher is known for it’s gorgeous looking themes and effects which completely gives a new touch to your Android phone. The best thing about Apus launcher, it doesn’t consume much Ram of your Android to run smoothly.
11. Hola Launcher: If you’re looking for something simple and effective, then Hola Launcher is for you. Basically, it’s just a mixture of two different launchers, it offers over 10.000 icon packs and also changes your wallpaper automatically every day.
12. Smart Launcher: Smart Launcher is one of my favorite, it provides unique style based themes which makes your Android look even better. It also comes with customizable app drawer feature, tons of transitional effects to choose, fast loading feature makes it the best Android launcher.
13. TouchWiz: TouchWiz is a custom launcher for android phones which does a lot of changes on your android. The design of Touchwiz is top notch, default transition effects are DOPE, probably no lags at all while using.
14. C launcher: C launcher is an advanced android launcher which offers a lot of impressive features. C launcher also boosts your battery backup as it consumes only a bit of your device’s resources. Do give it a try, overall, it’s a good android launcher in my opinion.
15. ilauncher: I’m sure many of you love the IOS, ilauncher compelled transforms your android into an IOS device. Also, the size of ilauncher is quite small, so you don’t have to worry about the storage.


So that’s all for this article, these were the Best Android Launchers. Few apps which I have shared in this article are free to use, you still need to pay the money if you want to unlock premium features. Do let us know the launcher which you like in the comment section.