With more and more Tablets flooding Android Market, Google Play Store is finally seeing some Tablet Optimized apps. But it still troubles a lot to find them, as there is no dedication section made in play store for Optimum Tablet apps.

apps for Android Tablets
While talking about iOS tablets, Apple Store provides a separate section for more than 375,000 apps for iPad. That’s why it is much easier to find tablet optimized apps for iPads as compared to Android Tablets. Until Google provides a separate section for Tablet Optimized Apps, there is not any foolproof way to get some tablet compatible apps for Android.

But till then; if you are facing some problems to get some apps compatible with your tablet, here are some tips about “How to find tablet apps for Android tablets”

1) Let Google Help You:

Although Google Doesn’t make any difference between Smartphones and Tablets apps in Play Store but it offers some intelligent guidance. Go to Google Play Store using your Android Tablet. Google will automatically acknowledge that you are using a Tablet (Instead of Smartphone), and offer apps; designed for Tablets.

Look for “Staff picks for tablets” or “Tablet Highlights: More Apps for your Tablets” for more apps. Though you would only few apps, but it’s the basic and best way to get started.

2) Take help of the Web Browser:

Open Web browser and Start a search for “Android Tablet Apps”. The First link that you would come across will be a Google Play Store’s page “Featured apps for Tablets”. Follow the link, and you would get some great optimized apps for your Android Tablet. They will also share some more apps to find for your tablet.

3) Search Smartly:

Try to involve such words with your searched app that would get you the best results. Like try to add “HD” or “Tablet” as suffix of your searched app. Or Try adding name of your Tablet (or some current or popular tablet) as there are many apps which are designed specifically for a tablet like “Nexus 7” or “Galaxy Mega”.

4) Check through the Description:
It could be a little bit nettling to read through the lengthy description of a app to search for words like “Tablet Optimized”. But there is some good chance that you would end up with some good and assured apps that way.

Another way is to check the screenshots of the apps. Though it doesn’t guarantee 100% but if you any landscape (horizontal) orientation in the screenshots of apps, it could be the app optimal for your tablet.

5) Get an App to search for Apps:
The Easiest way to know which apps are tablet compatible or only search through apps optimized for tablets, Download an app what provide you this search at one place. For Instance, Tablified Market is a great app, which provides a list of dedicated, optimized apps made for Tablets.

6) Give it a Try:
Just Because, you don’t know if app would be compatible with your tablet or not doesn’t mean that you cannot try it. Try to stretch it and fit it to the tablet screen, hopefully it would work if it’s made optimized for Android tablets. But if it still doesn’t work flawlessly, you are still using the app; which is far better than not using it.

These were only few tips. Share your thoughts and any tips on How to find Optimum and dedicated tablet apps for Android tablets in comments 🙂

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