Ordering a parcel online has never been easier. The choice between picking up a parcel at the warehouse and leaving it to someone else is pretty simple, but until recently, the former was the only option. For time-pressed business owners, the trip to the warehouse or sorting office was an unavoidable inconvenience, but a new delivery app could change that.

For anyone who can’t take an urgent package at home or at work, the APC Direct App, in collaboration with Parcel2Go, could come to their rescue. This app’s main aim is to allow businesses and individuals to manage their shipping and delivery jobs on the move without doing any of the leg work. It is only available from the App Store, so it works perfectly for iPhone and iPad owners.

Simple Interface

APC Direct have strived to make their app as simple as possible. Its’ homepage is proof of that, giving the user two options – to either send a parcel or track a parcel. For the first option, the theme of simplicity continues, as it asks a few questions about what the customer wants to send, the quantities involved and where to send the parcel(s) to.

Then, once the app user is satisfied with the cost of parcel delivery, they can check out and sort out the date for delivery. The next day delivery option will be of great interest to anyone owning a business which has clients who need a fast turnaround.

As soon as all the delivery’s details are finalised, the next step is to track the package’s progress. This is where the second feature – “Track your parcel” – comes into use. This is even easier to follow and can quell any anxieties about late delivery.


The screen for the parcel tracking feature displays a wheel for each delivery job, broken down into five segments. These go from collection to delivery and specify which stage each order is at. The specific date and time are given for when the order is at each stage of the delivery process, just to prove that the job is being done.

If there are any issues to worry about, the parcel tracking feature should offer reassurance. For further enquiries, there is also an FAQs page which answers any questions users may have about what, if anything, could go wrong during delivery.

Overall, this app is a pretty useful one which could change how deliveries are arranged. If APC Direct takes off, the lengthy phone calls and journeys to depots made by retailers could soon become a thing of the past.

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