Monday, November 20, 2017
Dr Fone for Android

Dr.Fone for Android lets you recover deleted files from Smartphone

Productivity of Google Android is proliferating day by day! We can see such an amazing number of applications along with incredible features in the mentioned platform, which in turn increases popularity...
apps for Android Tablets

How to Find Optimum apps for Android Tablets

With more and more Tablets flooding Android Market, Google Play Store is finally seeing some Tablet Optimized apps. But it still troubles a lot to find them, as there is no...

Top 10 Android Launchers

Do you know that android launchers are just the simple way to customize your experience with a smartphone or tablet? Though there are numerous superficial stuff available out there which including...
Send Text Message Android Wear

How to Send Text Message using Android Wear

I believe that sending text messages to your beloved one is as much as easy that you tell other to text someone so far we have seen Smartphone’s, smart books but...
Fast Processor Android Mobiles

4 Best Fast Processor Android Mobiles

Customers are really confused when they plan to purchase the devices of Smartphone. Customers do look out for best looking device or the best value phones or the phone from the...
Fitness Android Apps

5 Best Free Fitness Android Apps to Help You Stay Fit

“A healthy body possesses a healthy mind” This is one of the best proverbs we are learning from childhood to stay fit. But this speedy, busy and finance-concentrated schedule is keeping...
Android Tips Users

5 Android Tips For Users That Can Help Productivity

One of the great things about cellphones today is that they can help improve your productivity. Whether you're in the office, working from home, or just checking up on your emails...

Microsoft launches Microsoft Office App for Android Users

Microsoft has launched its highly used Microsoft Office as an app version for Android users on Google Play Store. Almost two months back, this same app version was released on Apple...

Google announces New Smartphone “Motorola Moto X” Specifications and Price

Google has announced First ever Smartphone of Motorola, after acquiring it 2 years ago. The latest Smartphone is named “Motorola Moto X”. The company has claimed to give priority to “better...
Android secret codes

50+ Android Secret Codes and Hidden Codes

Do you know there are many Android secret codes in your Android mobile? If no, let me tell you there are many useful secret codes for android which you can use...

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