Airtel is one of the leading telecom operators in India. The company has been rated as the number one telecom service provider in India. Most of the Airtel consumers are not aware of the relevant USSD codes on its network. Are you searching for the complete list of USSD codes on AirTel? We present the full list of Airtel USSD codes in this post.

What is USSD code?

USSD is an acronym that stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.These are also referred to as Quick Codes or Feature Codes. This is one of the protocols used by the GSM phone lines to access to the service providers’ computer.

USSD codes work by creating a real-time connection with the service provider and allow a two-way communication. From that point of view, they work faster than the SMS services.

Why do you need Airtel USSD codes?

Well, as we stated before – USSD codes work faster than the SMS services. It offers you a real-time two-way communication between you and your service provider.

Airtel USSD Codes
List of Airtel USSD Codes

USSD codes help you get all the information including balance enquiry and other features. You will not need to call customer care for your requirements.

How to use Airtel USSD codes

Well, it is quite easy using those codes.You would need no special training on how to use it. Just enter the codes in the same manner as they appear and press the Call button.

That is it – just so simple.

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The service can be used to activate or deactivate the services. The codes can be utilized for a wider range of services as well.

The list of Airtel USSD codes for enquiry

We present the list of Airtel USSD codes. Kindly go through the following list.

  • Dial *121# – My Airtel
  • Dial *121*4# – Value added services
  • Dial *121*7# – Last five transactions
  • Dial *123# – Check your Airtel Main Balance
  • Dial *123*1# – Check Airtel to Airtel min balance
  • Dial *123*2# – Local SMS balance
  • Dial *123*6# – Airtel to Airtel Night minutes balance
  • Dial *123*10# – Airtel 2G data balance
  • Dial *123*11# – Airtel 3G data balance
  • Dial *141# – Airtel gift services
  • Dial *222# – Special five offer
  • Dial *321# – Airtel Live services
  • Dial *325# – Free Facebook
  • Dial *515# – Twitter service
  • Dial *567# – Deactivate or activate Mobile internet services
  • Dial *678# – Hello Tunes services
  • Dial *888# – Missed call alerts
  • Dial *282# – Check your Airtel Number
  • Dial *121*1# – One more code for balance check
  • Dial *121*5# – Check active services
  • Dial *12*6# – Airtel Digital TV account information. Please note that your number should be registered with your Airtel Digital TV account
  • Dial *110# – SMS Deactivation code
  • Dial *141*10# – Airtel loan service. You can talktime credit with this code. The balance will be deducted from your next recharge.
  • Dial *121*9# – Check your Airtel number

That concludes our list of some important USSD codes for Airtel. Please note that the USSD codes can be circle specific. The codes working in one of the regions may not work in some other region.

We would advise you check each of the code so as to check if the codes featured above work in your circle. If you know any more codes, or would wish to provide a few more codes, kindly do share them in the comments here below.


We have made every attempt at including all the available Airtel USSD codes in the list here. If you still have any more codes that are found working in your region, kindly share them with us. If you suggest any changes to the codes featured here, you are welcome to share them as well.

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