You have seen many bloggers use feedback button on their blogs, even online product or services websites use the same. This play a vital role for a blog and helps to improve quality after getting feedback from the readers. Also it helps interested guest bloggers to contact directly and contribute the quality articles on your blog. You can see we are also using the same feedback button on our blog and its very much satisfying 🙂


So, lets come to the business now.

Here we will learn how to add this cool floating feedback button for WordPress blog :

Firstly login to your wordpress dashboard and goto : Appearance > Widgets

Now drag a text box from the widgets section to your sidebar or footer.


Simply add below code in the text box and hit save button (see screenshot above).

<a style=”display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:50%;left:0px;” href=”URL of Feedback Page” title=”Feedback Always Welcomed”><img src=”” /></a>

Now refresh the blog URL, you will find Feedback button Floating at left side of your screen  🙂  Add the URL of your Feedback page in the code. Also you can upload the Feedback Button image to your own hosting. Just copy the image from the given URL in code, upload and add the Image URL in the code.

You can play with the code given if you need to modify the button like : position, size and arrangements.

Hope you liked this simple but useful tutorial about floating feedback button for wordpress. Like share and stay tuned for more tips and tricks. 🙂


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