How to Change Dynamic IP Address to Static IP Address

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Almost half of the internet users use internet via mobile modems, net setters or data card. The main problem with these devices is that the IP address generated by these devices is dynamic in nature. Means every time when a user connects to internet he/she gets a new IP address which is allotted by service provider randomly. Beside this if you

connect to internet with broadband then you will get a static IP which remains same for every time you create a connection to internet.
Both static and dynamic IP addresses have their own pro’s and con’s

Advantage of Dynamic IP address:

  • Safe from the malicious users: Static IP addresses are safe from malicious users and hackers, They aren’t safe completely but at least they are safe more than dynamic IP address. Imagine a situation, in which a hacker gets your IP address and he performs an attack on your system. If you are connected with internet using dynamic IP address then you can easily be safe from attack by reconnecting to internet, that will change your IP address and the IP address which hacker is using is vanishes.


Advantage of Static IP address:

  • Creating an FTP server on your computer: if you are going to create an FTP server on your computer then you will need a static IP address for sure. Static IP addresses do not change every time you connect to internet so you can easily share it your friends or colleagues for access to your newly created FTP server.


How to change Dynamic IP address to Static IP address:

Changing a Dynamic IP address to static IP address is not a geek’s task, and can be done in minutes by using a internet trick. So here are the steps to change dynamic IP address to static IP address

1) First of all go to noip and create a new user account. Provide all information at the time of registration and in Hostname field use your username as Hostname.

2) Login to your noip account.

3) Once done, click on add a host. After that you will see something like this.
noip add host

Type your desired hostname in hostname field and leave all other fields as it is. Finally click on add host.

5) Now download noip dynamic update client from here(windows) or from here(Linux).

6) Once done install it on your system, and login via your email address and password. You will see something like this,

noip duc client

7) Now click on Edit hosts button and tick mark the host name which you typed in step 3. In my case its

noip edit host

8) After that ping the hostname by using ping command at command prompt. To do this go to CMD, then type ping yourhostname and press enter.

My hostname is, so for me the command would be ping

In your case it will vary. If pinged successfully, then you just changed your dynamic IP address to static IP address.

Now you can provide your hostname to your friends or anyone as a static IP address.

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