How to Know if Someone Blocked your Number?

Maybe you are trying to call someone, and cannot get the call. There can be several reasons for it. Maybe they are out of coverage, or their phone has gone dead, or even maybe they are on a holiday. But then, there is a possibility that they have blocked you. How can you tell if someone blocked your number? Call blocking is a feature that has been made available on landlines or even on smartphones running on either Android or iOS. How to know if someone blocked your number? Let us find out how in this article.

How to know if someone blocked your number?

It may not be so easy to find out if someone has blocked your number. There are no warnings or notifications to that effect. You do not get any blocked number message on your phone. What will work out in finding it out is a little detective work that you can undertake.

someone blocked your number
How to know if someone blocked your number

Call Blocking works surreptitiously. All the action takes place behind the scenes and the user will never come to know that he or she has been blocked. However, just because someone is not answering your call or not able to get through, you may not be able to conclude that you have been blocked. However, if you want to check if your number has been blocked, you may follow a few of these tips to find out –
Call From A Different Number
This can be the simplest way you can use to find out if your number has been blocked by someone. Use a different number to call the person you would want to. Check out the message you get. If the call gets through, it may be an indication that the concerned person has blocked your number. Never use a number that they may be able to associate with you. Use a friend’s phone or an office phone that they do not know is yours. If they suspect you did it intentionally, you can always say that you had no signal or your phone battery died.
Send a Text Message
If the person concerned is constantly not available, it can be an indication of the fact they have blocked you. Can you send texts to a blocked number?  Can you confirm it by sending them a text message? It works better on an iPhone rather than on an Android. The iMessage changes status as per where the message has reached. When the message has been delivered to the recipient, the status will change from Sent to Delivered. Keep an eye on the status being changed to Read. If the status does not change from Delivered, it can be an indication that your number has been blocked. The method will not work on an Android as it does not track the message status as an iPhone does.
Check Out The Notification
Notifications that you receive while you call a person whom you suspect has blocked you. It should be different than in the normal cases of disconnection. Did the phone ring for the full duration? It might also have ringed just once and then diverted to the automated message. Check out the message itself. Did it say the person you have called is not answering right now, or something to that effect? The best way to check it out would be to block a number yourself – your own number and then call it from another phone. This will give you a fair idea of what to expect when someone has blocked you. In any case, please note that the inferences that you draw from these signs may not be completely foolproof. You may also need to note the fact that the notification messages that you receive will change depending on the carrier you are using.
If you are on an iPhone, the called number ringing just once and then diverting you to the voicemail (or the message as the case may be) can be an indication to prove that you have been locked. However, please note that it can also happen when the phone suddenly switches off or has been set to Auto Divert mode.
Anything Else that Might have Happened?
Well, yes – there is a possibility. The number you have been calling may not have blocked you. But he or she might have activated the Do Not Disturb mode. This might have blocked not only your number but almost everyone in the phonebook. Do note that this would be on a temporary basis and as such may not be something you need to be worried about.

Before Concluding How to Know if Someone Blocked your Number

You might have understood by now that there is no a definite and foolproof way that would help you find out if your number has been blocked by someone. In fact, if the information was so easily available, it would have defeated the purpose of the idea behind call blocking, isn’t it?
You can only make a few guessing games so that you can get a clue on whether your number has been blocked. If all fails – you can ask them directly! Isn’t that the best option? Hope you liked this article about How to know Someone Blocked your Number. Feel free to comment your opinions in the comment section below.