6 Perks Of Investing In Dubai

Investing in properties and real estate is a commitment many have been known to pursue. No matter where you are located across the globe, investing in properties ensure that your investment stays tangible and continues to enjoy capital appreciation every year. Nevertheless, your return on real estate investment does depend highly on the preferred location for your property’s set up. Hence, it is worth noting that Dubai is known to be amongst the best places for you to consider as an investment hub for property development. With that in mind, here are 6 perks that investors enjoy by investing in Dubai:

1) Free Property Taxes

Have you ever purchased a house for a set amount only to be charged more for the sake of government taxes? For most countries, government authorities have implemented various property taxes to ensure funds to be utilized for the maintenance and improvements to be made on their respective neighbourhoods. Nevertheless, Dubai properties enjoy 0% tax duties to be upheld, ensuring an easier way for you to manage your property payments!

2) Stabilizing Real Estate Industry

Since 2016, the real estate industry has been undergoing a continuous decline regarding its marketable prices of properties. Madinat Jumeriah livng, Bluewaters Residences Dubai and Port De La Mer are few remarkable projects in Dubai. Forecast reports by various private organizations such as S&P Global Ratings have exercised that 2019 may continue to suffer a slight decrease in market prices. However, the economic cycle trend has started to stabilize, with 2020 becoming the year of its upwards spiral again. By purchasing at a reduced price for properties this year, investors are looking to reap the rewards within the coming few years!

3) Bigger Market & Target Audience

Throughout the years, Dubai has continued to impress with its tourist numbers and population reports. Boasting a host of global attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah, it is evident that the city continues to flaunt itself as one of the best vacation sites in the world. Notwithstanding that, Dubai is also known as a famous business hub where numerous career prospects and marketable business opportunities can be explored upon. All these ensure that your invested property is sure to attract the eyes of various people looking to visit or make the trade here in Dubai.

4) Transportation & Facilities

Dubai is a small developed city encompassed by some of the most advanced and sophisticated cities in the world. By having close proximities with each other, suburban neighbourhoods and local districts in Dubai enjoy seamless and ease of transportation services provided within the city centres! An example of strategically located residential development areas are Dubai Creek Harbour projects, where you can access both land facilities as well as water alternatives for your commuting purposes. You can always find a local taxi or even enjoy a ride in Dubai Metro to commute easily between the interconnected areas of the city. Wanting to take a flight out of Dubai? The Dubai International Airport is only a few kilometres away, depending on where you are residing in the city.

5) Safety and Security

Dubai enjoys a relatively safe and peaceful community with pristine living environments for your property investment needs. According to Numbeo, a respectable site showcasing the current economy and environment of any location in the world, Dubai boasts a very low percentage of crime rates rating from petty theft to burglary. Dubai Creek Harbour projects are good starting places for you to consider, in this regard. A safe environment is always sure to provide the best consideration for your potential property lenders as well as your own personal property purchase.

6) A Plethora of Options

In Dubai, you are bound to find all kinds of places for you to settle with on purchasing a residential or commercial property. Be it at the seaside or in the middle of a bustling city, real estate options are abundant here in Dubai. Furthermore, residential properties also range from 1-bedroom up to 5-bedroom alternatives to suit any type of individual looking to live here in the city. A prime example is the Arabian Ranches by Emaar which boasts plenty of available units for you to consider.

For the uninitiated, Dubai has consistently been known as a haven for property investment options with its off plan projects in Dubai as well as many established property developments. With accomplished developers spearheading all the development projects in the UAE, you are sure to find the right property suiting your needs here in Dubai.