There are so many benefits of using the Magento as ecommerce platform, making it one of the most popular platforms available. It is feature-rich, with specifications that can take your small business from low to high level. Since the entrance of Magento into eCommerce, business changed tremendously, for the better. Magento is to ecommerce what WordPress is to content management. It is simply unbeatable especially when it comes to features, mobile responsiveness, add-ons and usability.

Building a customizable store for your products is a dream come true for any online merchant and the best thing is that you do not have to pay anything since there is the community version of Magento that you can use free of charge. You can later upgrade to the premium version as your business grows.

Here are some of the most outstanding benefits

Secure Payment System

Using Magento for your ecommerce store makes it very easy to get paid and for customers to trust you because the Secure Payment Bridge makes it very simple to implement SSL and other security features. This inspires confidence in your customers and they will not hesitate to enter their identifiable information when buying things from your online store. With Google warning users about entering details on a site that does not implement SSL, many customers are turned away by this. Today, security is the single most important factor to bear in mind for an ecommerce site.

It Comes With Some Seo Implemented

If you do not have enough traffic, you will not have high conversions and this is going to affect your sales in a bad way. Thus, when you are building your ecommerce site using Magento, you will be happy to know how easy it is to implement good SEO strategies, especially the on-site ones. From the indexing of your pages and content to increasing page traffic, there are so many things that a Magento site sets in motion. You can imagine what this is going to do for you when you set the other SEO strategies in motion.

Manage Multiple Stores Easily

You can implement many stores, but all from one administration panel. Think of it like having many websites with WordPress and then being able to access all of them from one admin panel. This saves you so much money and other resources, especially time because you access your sites fast. If you like, you can create a store for each product. You can then choose a language for each store, or make every store multi-lingual to reach customers from different demographics. Even when you have these many stores, they do not have to look alike at all. They can be configured differently but will all fall under the same admin panel.

Very Easy To Use

Not many platforms come with a simple what you see is what you get editor but Magento does, making its management ever so easy for everyone. You do not have to know how to write code and you can still configure Magento enough for your use. With the technical side already taken care of, you can concentrate more on building great engaging content for your customers instead of wasting your time cracking your head over code. As the end user, you get to enjoy the simplicity of your Magento ecommerce site at the back end without having to make changes to the code.

Many Tools For Marketing

Marketing and good SEO go together on Magento. From multi-pricing products, marketing campaign tools, landing page tools, coupons, private sales and bundled products, there are so many marketing tools for Magento ecommerce websites. Other things you will be happy to use include newsletter integration and virtual products. Integrate PayPal, Google analytics, Google shopping, eBay and many more marketing and SEO tools easily.


There are many more perfect reasons to use Magento as your business’s ecommerce platform. But one thing you need along with it is Magento punchout catalog which ensures smooth functioning of your ecommerce website. Research more online about punchout catalogs and you will be able to take full advantage from it.

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