5 Tips to Increase iPhone Battery Life

increase iphone battery life
increase iphone battery life

Recently released iOS 7.1 brought a lot of changes, including changes in design and performance improvement. However, some users complain about the deterioration of the lifetime of the batteries and many blogs represent it as a fact.
It will not be another article in the style of “Turn off all the useful features iOS. My goal was to present practical steps to solve their problems with the battery on iOS.
Before we start, I should note that 99.9% of the problems with the battery not in any way related to the iOS. I guarantee, if you reset the phone to factory settings so that it would remain applications and e-mail, he will live forever from the battery. However, nobody uses their devices, and thus in fact they should not be so used. Hopefully with these steps battery life of your iOS devices significantly improve, while you continue to use all the applications and features that love.
The following are the main reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery for iOS, which I found and tips to eliminate them.
Step 1: Turn off Location Services, and update content for Facebook
(Settings -> General -> Content update)
The first step may seem very specific, but it is only because it is very common and very effective.Also, it has been carefully tested and proven on many devices.
I got the iPhone 5s, about two weeks ago, and it seemed to me that the battery is discharged very quickly. Being a geek, I decided to run the application Instruments in Xcode, the development environment Apple, in order to find the problem. Instruments is monitoring activity on your iPhone, allowing developers to see every process running at the moment and how much memory and processing power each application uses real-time.
During the test, Facebook is constantly found himself in the list of active processes, although I have not used. So I tried to turn off Location Services, and update content for Facebook, and you’ll never guess what happened: the amount of interest the remaining charge has increasedfrom 12% to 17%. It’s crazy. I’ve never seen this on the iPhone. As I recall, iPod Touch repeats this behavior, but I’m a long time checking it for the last time. On the iPhone indicators of the remaining charge as a percentage of the normal order.
I was able to repeat this behavior on several iPhone with the same result: if you remove the background functions Facebook, rate charge as a percentage increase.
Poor, Facebook, very bad.
Step 2: Remove Content update for the applications that you are not important
you have an application that you open regularly, and you can trust the quality of the application and the developer, boldly includes updated content and enjoy the way they cleverly updated and ready to use as soon as you open them. Updating of content – a great feature if you need it, but it is not necessary for each application on your device iOS.
Step 3: Stop close applications in multi-tasking
iOS 7 has made the process of closing applications is very pleasant: everything you need to do – double-click the Home button and hold up to the application to send it to a digital black hole.
Many say that closing the application you increase the battery life, because the application will not run in the background.
Yes, it closes the application, but you do not even realize that you worsen battery life, if you ever do it. Let me explain.
Closing the application, you throw out of his from RAM. It may seem that this is a useful exercise, but it is not. When you re-open the same application, your device again, loads it into memory. This application loading and unloading in the memory of your phone it loads more than if you left him alone. In addition, as soon as there is a need for additional memory, iOS app closes automatically, so you do the work that your device is already doing for you. The device is designed for you to use it, but do not act as cleaners.
In fact, all the applications that you see in the multitasking menu do not work in the background: iOS freezes them in a time when you exit the application, so it is ready to go when you want to return. Unless you’re including updating content, applications banned from working in the background. The exception is when an application is playing music, uses Location Services, record sound, or the most secretive: checks for incoming VOIP calls, such as making it Skype. All these exceptions, except for the last icon is displayed next to the battery indicator, warning that the application is running in the background.
Step 4: Temporarily turn off Push e-mail
If steps 1-3 have not solved your problem, try to verify whether an off Push e-mail. Push allows your device to receive instant notification every time you get a letter. A useful feature if you definitely need to know when it comes to every message, but it can have a negative impact on the consumption charge, if configured correctly.
I’ve seen a lot of devices that Push is a major cause of battery discharge, but I also saw a lot of devices with the included Push, which was excellent battery life. In fact, it all depends on the settings of the server and the specific e-mail. Try changing the settings for samples per hour, thirty or fifteen minutes and see whether the stop rapid discharge of the battery. If this does not help, switch Push back. You can also try to disable Push for individual accounts if you have several of them. Just check in using the above described test, if that resolves your issue.
Incredibly often especially with e-mail Exchange, situation occurs when the phone as if loops, constantly checking e-mail. When this happens, the device is discharged approximately six hours and Expectations and use in Settings> General> Statistics will be identical. These values ​​are the same, not because “the firmware is damaged, but because the phone constantly checks for new mail and the phone does not normally go into the sleep state.
Step 5: Turn off Push notifications for applications that get you down
Are you familiar with the situation when the game that will set your child constantly sends a notification asking to buy a sheep farm for online? If so, every time you get a notification on your phone wakes up a few seconds to turn on the screen and waits for your potential actions.
Default notices are not the cause of too rapid discharge of the battery, so do not rush to turn off all of them. However, each message wakes up your device for 5-10 seconds and it can accumulate. If you get a 50 day notification and personal with them do not, it adds 4 to 8 minutes to the time of use, which in turn reduces the time you can use your device.
Turn off those annoying notifications for applications from which you do not want to receive them. The difference may seem small, but over time accumulates.
I hope this article will help you increase iphone battery life and you can enjoy a device that is in your hands. In life there are many important things that deserve our attention, so the less we will be distracted by little things like battery life, the more we will be able to spend time on people and issues that really matter.