We are living in a society where weight gain has become a serious health epidemic. And so, weight watchers need all the help they can get to avoid succumbing to frighteningly common chronic problems facing people with excess body weight.

So, it’s a good thing we now have weight loss gadgets. However, even though the world has dozens of these handy devices to offer overweight and obese people, a few stand out for their incredible contribution to an average weight watcher’s daily struggle to be healthier.

Top Weight Loss Gadgets

  • DietSensor

DietSensor is a truly amazing bit of technology. It is a weight loss gadget that will tell you how many calories, fat, protein, sugar, and carbs are in the food you are about to eat. Isn’t that brilliant? No wonder it has won itself the prestigious CES 2016 Best of Innovation Award.

This gadget scans the food cells in the meal you are about to eat with a simple click. This gets rid of all the guesswork typically involved when trying to determine the nutritional composition of the food you are eating. The device was created with the assistance of doctors and nutritional experts, so it’s pretty reliable.

By using Bluetooth, DietSensor compares the information about your meal with what they have at SCiO. The idea that led to the innovation is actually not as baffling as the work this gadget can do to help you eat healthier seems – the sensor emits rays that interact with food molecules in different ways.

These variations make it possible for the gadget to know whether that is a sugar, salt, or protein molecule in that roast hunk of beef you are about to eat; and in what quantities. Such information can inform your eating choices and even give you an idea of how much calories you might need to burn up later to stay healthy.

  • Fitbit

It may look small, but what this little gadget can do to help you as you lose weight is anything but underwhelming. In fact, Fitbit has rightly been called the best 24-7 tracker; and that is because it more than delivers when it comes to monitoring your activity levels throughout the day.

Some of the important healthy metrics it can track include the calories you have burnt, the number of steps you have taken, the distance you have traveled, how long you spend in bed, how long it took you to fall asleep, and even when you went to bed.

As someone who is trying to get rid of excess pounds, you should know how important activity levels and sleep is to maintaining healthy weight. All these things do plenty to boost your metabolism; and being more active will definitely result in some notable loss.

  • Weight Loss Apps

What would be life like without mobile apps? Relying on apps for everyday tasks has become the norm. It is therefore hardly surprising that a few of these apps are dedicated to helping weight watchers stay healthy.

I know; an app is not technically a gadget, but it is nonetheless a bit of modern technology that can help you lose weight, and I think that is what is important. In any case, some of these apps go well with weight loss gadgets such as fitness trackers.

Research has shown that these apps are a good way to help you stay motivated and help you keep track of your fitness goals. Many of them are specifically designed to help people achieve their weight loss goals. Some of these apps include Fooducate, Lose It, and Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal’s. One app that is worth mentioning is the Weight Loss Tracker for Android phones, by BistroMD. BistroMD is an award winning weight loss meal delivery program known for its low prices and savings deals.

  • S2H Replay

There are dozens of trackers out there, but none like S2H. This device goes over and beyond to rise above being a basic tracker and become what can only be called a high-tech reward system. Although it looks like a smartwatch, this device has a strong focus on keeping you on your feet and working towards your weight loss goals.

For every 60 minutes of accumulated physical activity, S2H will give you a thumps up. And it’s not just a buzz, some flashing light or some other simple feedback – you will get rewarded with gift cards from national chains such as Kmart, Best Buy and the like. How cool is that, uh?

  • Skulpt Aim Body Fat Analyzer

This gadget measures the amount of fat in your body. All you have to do is place it on the body tissue you want to analyze, such as your arm. This will give you very detailed information on how your body is made up with regard to muscle and fat, which is good since various body parts tend to accumulate fat differently.

This body fat analyzer is quite reliable, and it provides a lot of detailed statistics about your body composition. This is quite interesting because you can keep regular track of how your body is changing based on your level of physical activity. Imagine being able to tell just how much fat tissue you have managed to lose after a rigorous workout?

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