If you had to guess, how much ink do you think gets sold around the globe in a single year? Prepare yourself for a shock—it’s approximately 942 million cartridges! To put that staggering figure into context, that’s enough ink to fill 15 million bottles of wine. The biggest reason behind this phenomenon is the sheer number of inkjet printing devices in use across the world. Despite their global share slowly decreasing due to the rise of laser printing options, inkjet printers still account for 64 percent of all printing devices worldwide.

Now, printer ink itself is a very expensive liquid. A single gallon of printer ink costs approximately the same as 2,800 gallons of milk and 2,650 gallons of gas. Given this fact, what can we do to reduce the ink consumption? One recent popular solution involves using recycled ink cartridges. Whether you use a printer at home or run a business, recycled ink has numerous advantages over conventional printing options.

In this market, there’s a lot of companies which focus on remanufacturing ink cartridges and toner. This time, I’ll focus on 4inkjets, one of the leading suppliers of recycled cartridges and discount ink. Their compatible toner cartridges cost a fraction of what you’d pay for brand-name products, and the quality remains the same. Plus, they’ve been in this business since 1999, so it’s no surprise they’re known for their solid customer service.

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They also offer a number of useful coupons and promo codes that should save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, using the “4SAVE” promo code will get you a 10% discount on all your ink and toner purchases – plus free shipping! If your order exceeds $50, you can use the “BLOOMINK” coupon for another 10% discount. Finally, the “GREEN” promo code gets you free shipping, a 10% discount and up to 20% cash back. I’ve used a couple of their coupons in the past, and can confirm that they work just fine. More coupons available at Buhelo.com.

And just in case you’re still not convinced about this whole recycled ink thing, I’ll go over the three main benefits of buying remanufactured toner cartridges:

Environmental Impact

Ink cartridges are made of plastic, metal, foam, paper and toner. All of these have a negative impact on the environment when thrown into landfills, and plastic in particular needs many decades to fully decompose. By buying a toner cartridge from a remanufacturer, you’re doing your part in protecting the planet. According to a study ran by EarthShare, recycling ink cartridges can keep around 400,000 tons of metal waste and plastic out of landfills. Plus, every recycled cartridge prevents a brand-new cartridge from being made, thus saving 5 to 9 pounds of natural materials.


While the types of toners, printers and vendors may vary, one thing is for sure – remanufactured cartridges are more affordable than their OEM counterparts. A cartridge that can print out 45 pages a minute might only last a month in a high-use environment, which is bad news if you’ve shelled out several hundred pounds for it. In general, remanufactured cartridges cost 30-60% less than the new ones do. And the savings might not end there, as some environment-friendly companies don’t charge a fee to remove old cartridges for recycling!


A reliable remanufacturer – such as 4inkjets above – deals in cartridges that provide exactly the same product life and quality as OEM products. The procedure of recycling a cartridge is actually fairly simple. A remanufacturer will disassemble the cartridge, replace any moving parts if necessary, clean the shell and refill it with custom-formulated toner. The best companies also go through the quality testing phase in order to ensure the cartridge is in good condition.

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