How To Accept Or Reject Multiple Friend Request in Single Click On Facebook

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Facebook is a great platform to create new friends. If you are a social networking addict then there is great chance that you send or receive many friend requests daily. As i am a blogger, I receive 10’s of friends requests on Facebook daily. The main problem these friend request create is accepting or rejecting all of them is a tedious task.

There were some Facebook tricks in past, by which we can accept or reject multiple friend request at once. But after sometime Facebook blocked that tricks.

But after lot of internet surfing, i found another working java script trick to accept or reject multiple friend request on Facebook. This is pretty small trick and the best thing about this is that it works on every browser.

Here we go.
1) Open your browser and login to facebook.
2) Follow this link to view your pending Facebook friend requests.
3)Once done, copy and paste below javascript code to address bar. (if you are a chrome user add javascript: at the beginning of code after pasting it to address bar. else it will not work)

To Accept multiple friend request on Facebook:



To Reject multiple friend request on Facebook:


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