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Lastly we wrote an article on how to increase likes on facebook with the help of a facebook auto liker. That article got a lot of love from all part of world, But unluckily that facebook trick is not working properly now days. So today we are sharing another trick, by which anyone can increase his/her social
media presence. The internet trick which we are going to share today doesn’t use any kind of auto liker, instead of this it uses social exchange. Auto-liker rarely works for a long time, that’s why we are not using any kind of auto liker in this trick.

What is social exchange network?

In social exchange network, Peoples like/share/follow other peoples and earns points by doing so. Later they may invest those points to gain followers/like/+1 on their desired social media profile.

How to start with social exchange network?

To start with social exchange, first we have to select a social exchange network. There is so many which are providing these kinds of services. But my favorite is Addmefast because it provides a lot of social networks options to invest points on.

To start making social networking presence with addmefast follow these steps:

1) Click here, to go to Addmefast and sign up there.

2) Once you signed up, you shall get 50 points instantly in your addmefast account.

3) Now open your facebook/twitter/google plus profile in a new tab of your browser and login to your profile.

4) Once you login to your social media profile, Start to like/follow/share other peoples feeds from the left sidebar of addmefast to earn points.

5) When you shared/followed/liked 20 times then you can get Bonus 150 points by clicking on Daily Bonus link, Present in left sidebar.

Okay, I earned lot of points on Addmefast now how to convert them as likes/followers/shares?

If you have enough points in your addmefast account then you are almost done, now just add your social media account by clicking Add/Site Page button. If you want a lot of likes in less time then keep CPC as high as possible.

So on which things I can invest my Addmefast Points?

Addmefast is a great website because it provides many options to invest points on, you can invest your addmefast points to:

1) Increase facebook page likes.
2) Increase facebook post likes.
3) Increase facebook post shares.
4) Increase facebook followers.
5) Increase twitter followers.
6) Increase twitter retweets.
7) Increase twitter favorites.
8) Increase Google plus circles.
9) Increase stumbleupon followers.
10) Increase Youtube video views.
11) Increase Youtube video subscribers.
12) Increase Youtube video likes.
13) Increase Pinterest followers/likes.
14) Increase Website hits and so on.

How to earn addmefast points fast?

There were some tricks in past like increase addmefast points by using imacros scripts and addmefast points generator. We tried both, now days nothing is working, so kindly do not waste time to search something like that. start following other peoples and earn addmefast points with a rapid rate.

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  1. i think you dropped comment on a wrong post…but anyways…addmefast doesn’t provide you a way to increase facebook likes directly..but there is an alternative..we can do it indirectly…just add your photo url in facebook post share…and let people share your pic.
    i hope you will get tons of soon..

  2. Hey! When I am registering in Add me it is saying you have already registered no matter how many different emails I am using and all those emails work, do you happen to know why?

  3. Hey, can you please help me out with the Facebook likes. =/ I’ve tried with the Twitter followers and it works, but I don’t understand the Site/Page URL and Title thing. What do I have to type in there? Also, can I like someone elses pictures and statuses? Thank you. 🙂

  4. You just have to enter the url of the facebook page/post or anything for which you need likes to..
    Yes you can also enter any other person’s url, In order to get likes on his/her status..

  5. Yeah, but when I copy/paste the URL it says: “The Facebook page you are trying to add does not exist or it is geographically, demographically or age restricted.” =/ Please help me out!

  6. I think you are entering the facebook page url, who is restricted to some age groups etc…try to enter any other facebook page url else go to settings of your facebook page and then remove restriction…

  7. i cant register on i had already tried many emails but it’s not working.. please help!

  8. Hello Ruchi,
    if you like things too fast on addmefast then they consider you as a BOT and don’t increase your points..

    And the answer for second Question is that, it may be because you are trying to add a URL which is not a Facebook post URL or privacy of that post is not public..

  9. There is a software by which we can send friend requests in bulk..But sometimes Facebook blocks us from sending friend requests if we do so..better is that attract peoples on Facebook, and see your friend requests increasing day by day..

  10. Your facebook account’s subscription is turned off, please turn it on and try once more. Detailed instruction you can see here.

  11. Your facebook account’s subscription is turned off, please turn it on and try once more. Detailed instruction you can see here.

    how can i solve this problem

  12. How do I add Twitter followers to my site? I mean subscribers. Can I have subscribers for my website by adding in Twitter? Please reply, thanks and I am clicking on your subscription. My email id is Aleeza

  13. Hello, it’s very hard to get points.. I’ve try many times to following other page on facebook but that seems not increase my points at all.
    N how much points should be enough to increase likes on my facebook page.

  14. Hello, it’s very hard to get points..
    I’ve tried to liked others facebook page. But, it seems not working at all..

  15. hey when i am adding my id on add site/page then it is sayingThe Facebook page you are trying to add does not exist or it is geographically, demographically or age restricted what should i do ???

  16. We cannot register you, because you already have an account in our network. AddMeFast doesn’t allow multiaccounts. If you have no any account on addmefast, please send your IP address to support center. Your IP address is:

  17. The Facebook page you are trying to add does not exist or it is geographically, demographically or age restricted. THIS IS WRIITEN WHEN I TRY TO ADD THE SITES OF FACEBOOK\

  18. i have already added one facebook page in
    i want to add my profile pictures too, to get more likes .
    can you help me out
    it says ”
    The Facebook page you are trying to add does not exist or it is geographically, demographically or age restricted.”
    my profile pictures are completely Public.

  19. you have to add your profile url in addmefast account and have to set up point limit for each follower, once you done you can start getting followers to your facebook account..

  20. my likelo is not working it says “likelo is offline it will be back tomorrow but up till today It still not working


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