How To Increase Alexa Rank Super Fast

increase alexa rank

Alexa is a web information company and maintains ranking data according to website performance. Performance factors include various things like a blog posting, traffic, reviews etc. These performance factors decide your  website overall global and local rankings. Alexa global ranking means popularity of a site from all over the globe, and the local Alexa  ranking means the popularity of site from the country from which the domain is being registered.

             Pro bloggers always take care of their blog’s Alexa ranking, because this is the first thing which an advertiser or buyer considers when he tries to purchase an ad space on your site. Some pro blogger publish a post daily on their site to increase alexa rank, while other pro bloggers tries to increase traffic to improve alexa rank. But we think these are the old and less effective seo methods and take a lot of time to increase alexa rank of a site. So today we are exploring a new internet trick to increase alexa rank super fast with a hope that you all will find it valuable.

How Alexa Decides Rank of A Site?

As we discussed above, there are several factors exists, on which alexa ranks completely relay:
1) Traffic from the users who are using alexa toolbar.
2) Blog posting.
3) Alexa Review.

I know many of you already tried all of the above methods to increase your alexa rank, but that methods didn’t helped you much. If you didn’t tried any of the above method than don’t even think about them, they take a lot of time to improve or increase your alexa rank.

What You Will Get After Reading To This Article?

Well, you will get a new way to increase your alexa ranking tremendously in a night. I know many of you don’t trust on above lines, but just try and see a difference overnight. So, I recommend everyone who wants to improve their alexa ranks fast must try this article.

Things Required:

1) Security Kiss VPN.
2) Browsers with alexa toolbar installed.
2) Brain (Optional).

What is security kiss VPN?

Security kiss vpn is a free and reliable vpn to change our ip address. We can use security kiss VPN on numerous platforms including windows, Linux, and Mac os. It creates an encrypted terminal and works as an elite proxy. Data, which we send from our computer goes from an encrypted terminal and receiver of the packets only get the server ip address, which we had selected while using security kiss.

How To Increase Alexa Rankings Super fast:

1) First of all install alexa toolbar to your browsers, I recommend use multiple browsers (firefox, chrome, safari etc). To install alexa toolbar to, follow this link.
if you are using multiple browsers, then install alexa toolbar on each browser.

2) Now follow this link to download security kiss vpn. And install it on your system.

3) After that, Open security kiss and from menu bar click on “Option” and finally click on “change server”. A security kiss window will pop-up for server selection, Check mark any of the desired server.

security kiss vpn

4) Finally click on the big green “Connect” Button to get connect with the desired server or in simple terms, to change your ip address.
NOTE: If you are unable to connect with one server than, try to connect with another server.

5) Now open your browser on which you had installed alexa toolbar. If you had installed alexa toolbar on multiple browsers, then open each of them,
And paste this url in your browser’s url bar:

change to your website address.

6) Once you had done, you will see that the webpage is reloading in every 5 seconds interval.
Leave the browser for 15-20 minutes in the same state and after that check your website states you will see that you had got hundreds of page views from alexa installed browsers. And as we stated earlier that alexa rank is completely depends on the traffic coming with alexa installed browsers, so chances of improvement in alexa rank will be on the peak.

7) For better results, change your ip address from security kiss after 5-10 minutes. And apply the same internet trick to increase alexa rank every day to see a sudden improvement in your alexa rank.

If you had done everything as I suggested, then just wait for the next alexa rank update which usually takes 2 days. Finally some last words, the above mentioned Alexa trick is somewhat blackish, so kindly don’t use it excessively because a famous English proverb says “Greed is vice”.

Kindly share your thoughts in comment box below..!!

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  • disqus_VBrCDk78Cl

    bro tell me how many times we can use this tricks (reload) ?
    and how many times IP Address we can changes in a days ?

  • Raj Saini

    its risky or not ?

  • Aman Verma

    If you overuse it..then it might be..Coz when we reload a webpage fastly..then bounce rate of our site increases..

  • Rohit Koduru

    dude the is not loading

  • thedijje

    Yeah great Article this was new method, actually i had my blog which got rank 350k but after i got nrw domain Intelligent Computing it gone on ground 0, now i have to get the even higher rank on Alexa.

    also you’ve mentioned about the refreshing page at every 5 second interval, it may increase the bounce rate coz its too close to that.

    well i’ll suggest ma reader to install alexa toolbar on their browser as well. :)

    also i’ve added alexa code in header so it may goes higher.

  • Govinda

    and what about referral traffic in Google Analytics? Google will penalize your website for this when they see a Hugh traffic from “pagereboot” and Google is more smarter now

  • Allii Allee

    1 question

    is it legal to do that i mean will Google allow it or it willl take any action against your blog ?

  • Aman Verma

    dont worry, Google will not take any action..

  • Allii Allee

    i am worried about this but your second idea is best with demo blog i will check

  • piya

    dude tell me one thing you have a very good rank and decent traffic then why don’t you applied for google adsense or any other ads publisher ?

    your site age also crossed 5 month so i just wanna know that reason ?

    tell me if u dnt mind

  • Himadri

    Aman thanks for the share but the trick that you are telling is very much risky and i am sure that if google can detect that or Google adsense can detect that then people will be in great danger. So, i do not want to loose Adsense for my blog Techntehcie

  • Aman Verma

    i would feel glad to answer this..if you use your real name in comment..

  • Joby

    I have a doubt. When we are using a url like this, I think Alexa will increase the Rank of only, because in the browser the main url is not

    Please share your views on this

  • Aman Verma

    Hello Joby…This is really a nice question to ask..i too considered this at the time of writing this article..But i am sure it will not increase the rank of pagereboot coz if you see your dashboard then you will see alot of traffic coming to your website from pagereboot, So if traffic coming to your website then it will surly increase your website alexa rank..

  • Joby

    But my question is, alexa toolbar is checking which site is loaded from the browser. Here is loaded. It is that is loading our site, not our browser. So I think alexa of pagereboot will increasing, not the url passed through query string parameter. It is only my doubt and may not be true as I don’t have any experience in it.

  • Aman Verma

    Hello Joby,
    we are not loading pagereboot many times..
    Pagereboot is just a static URL .which is reloading our webpage by making frequent HTTP Requests…
    In HTTP request body matters not the URL .and Alexa toolbar too records the body of an HTTP Request..

    if your doubt persists then You can also embedded alexa plugin or script with your blog coding..then alexa will track your pageviews with that script…So whenever you get a pageview alexa will record matter visitor has a Alexa toolbar installed in his/her browser or not..

  • Manish Prajapati

    yaha. same here why don’t you applied for google adsense?

  • Aman Verma

    Now a days, I am only concentrating to improve the quality of this blog..As soon as i will finish it…i will surly think on that..

  • Abin

    Guys i think it is better not to use this trick, You are only increasing your bounce rate… There wont be any good improvement in your alexa rankings.

  • Aman Verma

    Hello Abin, You may be right…but we can improve alexa and bounce rate too with this alexa trick….Pagereboot provides a feature by which we can set the duration of next page reload..if you set duration to 30-50seconds… and do the same trick on multiple browsers at same time..then your bounce rate and alexa both will be improve…

  • rankedsites

    There is another way you can do it and that’s by registering at . Its a autosurf website with a difference as all members webpages open in a new window and NOT in a frame. This does improve your rank because your web URL is displayed and not the website you are autosurfing from.

    Hope this helps

  • Priyanka Dubey
  • alii