Install Windows 8 on Android Phones

install windows 8 on android

Windows 8 recently implemented with nokia phones to give a competition to android mobile handsets. First windows 8 enabled phone is nokia lumia which launched recently in 2012 and covered a good mobile phone market shares. Many android users are moving towards windows 8 to experience the all windows 8 features. If you are one of them, then
you don’t need to change your android phone at all. You can get windows 8 touch on your old android phone By just following a small android trick, and all you need a small android application which is known as “Fake Windows 8”.

windows 8 gui

Fake Windows 8, is a free android application which provides a windows 8 kind of interface. Fake windows 8 doesn’t need a rooted android device, it’s a small android application and work well with all android versions.

Fake windows 8 is easily available on android market.

Fake windows features:

Fake windows 8 android application provides a cool interface with real windows 8 options like mail,Internet,calendar,maps,skydrive,gallery and games. It also provides a side sliding bar loaded with search, Home and Settings options which make it look like real windows 8.

Thumbs Up:

1) Fake windows 8 is absolutely free with no ads.
2) Small application works good with un-rooted android device as well.
3) Application provides real windows 8 like interface with side slide bar.

Thumbs Down:

1) Not Highly responsive.
2) Windows 8 interface doesn’t contain much option.
3) We have to initialize app to experience windows 8.

What you think on this handy application, Please leave your valuable feedbacks in comment box below..

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  • Kalith Ahamed

    is it possible to install windows 8 on old i-mate and htc phones?

  • Aman Verma

    Yea..Just search “Fake windows” on Google play..And you can use this android application to play pranks with your friends..
    Technically, We can’t install windows operating system on android machine..because the Hardware support is different for both..

  • Ninad Mhatre

    Dude, it’s just win8 UI..not windows8. :-/
    There is huge diffrence in having complete operating system and having just UI.
    Get your blog’s title corrected. Totally misleading.

  • Aman Verma

    Thanks you Bill Gates for your comment…but it will not open all the application.. that’s why we guys are purchasing mobile phones that are using your operating system (windows)..

  • Aman Verma

    Hello Ninad, i know its windows interface only, Just used the title to make it spicy..
    and i am not misleading, you can read the my first comment on this post in order to confirm that its just to make this article spicy for readers..