How To Track Facebook Profile Visitors

facebook profile visitors

As like orkut, Facebook implicitly doesn’t provides a way to track recent facebook profile visitors. On the other hand, There are lots of facebook applications exist who claims that they can track recent visitors of a facebook profile but none of them works in real. before writing to this post, we personally tried 100’s of facebook apps as well as some websites who
claims the same but none of them worked for us. they all just generating a random list of profile visitors which is far away from the reality.

So here’s a million dollar Question..

If none of the applications is working, Then how to track recent facebook profile visitors ?
Answer is simple, today we are sharing a latest facebook trick on tricksmode by which anyone can track their recent facebook profile visitors.Here we start,1) Login to your facebook profile.

2) Now go to “” Or alternatively you can click on “home” button.

3) Right-click on any blank part of page and select “view page source” or alternatively open “view-source:” in a new tab of your browser.

4) Now search for “InitialChatFriendsList

” in source code.5) Right after this keyword you’ll see the following:

These numbers are the Facebook ID's of your friends 
profile; the first number is
 the facebook friend's profile ID, who've visited your profile page the 
most and so on.
6) To see who is the specific person exist behind a Facebook ID. just copy
 any Facebook ID and, 
replace the X's with copied Facebook ID and open it in your browser. just tracked your recent facebook profile visitors with this latest facebook trick. if you like this facebook trick, then use any of social sharing buttons to share it with your friends.what you think on this facebook trick, lets talk in comment section below.

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  • thank u very much its very usefull

  • You are always welcome Nawazish..
    Keep Visiting..

  • abhay

    man it’s the list of people’s profile to which we visit the most

  • i think..You are taking it wrong..we tested this trick alot then after we published it..try with different facebook account..if the same problem comes then kindly let me know..

  • abhay

    kindly let me know, is it a combination of both…. the profiles 2 wch i visit and the people who visit my profile? i got the person whose profile which i visit regularly as first… so i’m confused, pls do reply

  • No its not a combination..It will show you the profile who had visted your profile maximum number of times..I think the profile you visited alot of times is also spying on you by visiting your profile without your knowlege..

  • abhay

    the person first on my list was the girl i proposed, she had turned down my proposal, i asked her whether, she used to visit my profile or not? she said 4 times, i’m an active fb user, i used to visit her profile quite often…. then how can this 4 times account to the first position in my list. and according to the fb privacy policy, a person cannot know these things, even though fb keeps a record of such things, will it be available to the users this open?

  • I don’t think that she is saying the truth that she visited your profile only 4 times..
    Always believe on what you see…not on what you hear.. :)
    Yea according to fb privacy policy we can’t know about these things…That’s why we are calling it a facebook trick..
    Remember..There were so many scripts emerged in the past..that breached the facebook privacy to the highest level..Autoliker,Autosubscriber everything is illegal in terms of facebook…but all of them working quite good over the internet..

  • validate

    Dude. Hi assumed t works.I tried testing it by logging in from a friends profile and visiting my profile several times to check if their is any change in the sequence of ID. However, It just shows id of all your friends. Their was not. I don’t think works this way. Would like to hear back from you. If you believe and have tested that this way is the work out for the same.

  • I never stated that this will show the id of persons who visited your profile daily maximum number of times..Instead of this it show you the ID of person who had visited your profile maximum number of time from the day YOU CREATED ACCOUNT ON FACEBOOK..
    For i.e: If you created your facebook account in 2008 and, Lets say your friend john visited your account 300 times from 2008-2013
    And now if you try to make 100 fake profile visits..By your another friend’s facebook account..then there will not be a change in the list..
    I hope you will get your answer from this..

  • nmk

    so, what do the id numbers AFTER the first one represent? profiles views in descending order?

  • Ronak Thakar

    I have seen and it was impressive. But what do i do if i want to track my facebooks friends location ??? Please show us that trick.

  • Thanks ronak that you liked it,
    Tracing Facebook friends location sounds good,the only way to do this is via IP tracing. But there are several cons and pron of IP tracing because if a person is using dynamic ip then the IP changes every time when he/she connects to internet. More over the IP which is allocated to them is completely random in nature and doesn’t represent a exact geographical location.
    Anyways in future, I will surly try to write a article on this :)

  • Yes exactly..

  • Sarth Patil

    its a awesome trick…but is there any way to find out how many times a person has visited my profile? i mean the approx number of times…is there any way?

  • franky

    hey aman,

    i still don’t understand where the no. of visits integer is? I see the profile IDs listed, and in decending order of no. of views, but i don’t acutally see the no. of views itself……

  • wanna forum

    unable to find “InitialChatFriendsList”… its not shown on page source….

  • I think you are doing typing mistake, Try again without Quotes..!!

  • Hello franky, This trick only give us an approximation, there is no way by which we can get the NUMBER of visits by each user.. :)

  • Hello Sarth, As i said to frank, This trick doesn’t provide a way by which we can see the Number of visits by each user..

  • marwin

    aww i cant find the initial chat friend list

  • marwin

    how this … ascending to descending or descending to ascending ??

  • Its like…All time,Highest profile visitors to lowest profile visitors..

  • Ad0rer

    dude isnt it just the chat list?

  • neeru

    it display the friends names only not all visitors other than friends

  • neeru

    how can i know the name of all visitors other than friends

  • Claire

    Are you sure? The names appearing are the names that appear first when I turn on chat.

  • According to facebook privacy policy we can’t

  • I think you are saying this because “InitialChatFriendsList” contains a word chat in it…but its not like that..
    if you want to confirm you can use the same trick with a new facebook profile which doesn’t contains any friends in it..

  • for me it worked fine…i suggest you also to try then post your opinion here..

  • sami

    How to find other visitors on FB? who are not available at our freind list ! , because this trick works only on exist freind list.

  • @JayzeePayne

    Amazing :) I don’t really care much of how often people visit my FB. Knowing who are those people is enough. Thanks!

  • check other comments on this will get your answer.. :)

  • You are always welcome.. :)

  • You can call this “Frequently visiting viewers” :)

  • Hello, this person commented on another site:


    I marked someone as “close friend” and “get notifications” option and she immediately appeared first in the list and I mean at the very next moment. Before that she was somewhere in top 15…

  • This just shows the people who interact with us through anything pokes comment mostly messages…

  • @JayzeePayne

    wow, that explains it :) Genius!

  • vikram

    hii aman, your method only shows visitor from your friend lists. how can we check visitors from outside our friends lists.

  • Akansha

    dude how to find “InitialChatFriendsList” in damn big code

  • raj shekar

    hi Aman ,,,,,,,,,,your trick is really working,and i want to clarify one doubt from you…regarding
    so what they actually mean??

  • We can’t get the Exact number of visits using this trick..

  • to me it seems like it’s the ordering list for your initial chat window (which the name actually does imply) and looking at my own list I would not expect it to be who viewed my profile, but rather who I’ve been chatting with most… have you considered this?

  • Hello Aman…. I created a temp profile and visited my own personal profile..However, when I tried looking for the temp ID under “InitialChatFriendsList” , I wasnt able to find it…help please..

  • This is because, This trick only traces the most frequent viewers…
    if you didn’t visit much using that temp id…then you will not see that in list..

  • Anonymous

    It’s not true. Actually it’s shows the people you contact the most, or if they are in ur close friends list. :)

  • I can definitely say that this not anything to do with people who view your profile…I have a Facebook account for my cat (yes I know lol) which I never use. Only I have the login details for this account and it was 4th on the list! I can honestly say that I haven’t been on that page for months and also I haven’t viewed my page with my cat’s Facebook for ages… if ever. It’s simply your friends ID’s in a random order.

  • Alexander

    I can’t believe the guy on 2nd place , but 1st place I believe it’s the guy who I tought…and really on 2nd and 4th place there are my friends,but not so close…that makes no sence they can not be 2nd and 4th…sry for my bad english maybe

  • Johny

    it is not working for me buddy all i see is words like “jdudjh8ki” that not numbers

  • Ansuman Misha

    can u plz give me d code 2 see all visitor( not from only frndlist).
    knowing something is not crim..will u help aman!!

  • Yes i considered this, Try to locate your Chat sidebar using Inspect elements in Chrome or Firefox. If your chat side bar show the same Initialchatlist code, Than no doubt you can call this trick as a fake trick. But what if Facebook chat sidebar is pointing to another .CSS class..
    I hope you will get what i want to say…

  • This is kinda funny..I hope one day i won’t see mark zuckerberg visiting my profile most..

    One more thing to notice..I put this comment section just because to get feedback from my readers. I have no problem, what they say, (Positive or negative). I always take positive feedback as appreciation, and negative feedback as lesson.

    I never deletes any comment until they satisfy our comment policy.

  • When i saw the list for the first time..I was too shocked like you…My x was there on first place..

  • probably you are not search the correct code..Try following the whole article again.. :)

  • Sorry, Currently this is not possible..If i will find something like this in future than i will surly update that on tricksmode.

  • chetan

    This is not right, it only shows that precedent of the chat list…there is no contact between profile visitors & initial chat friend list

  • kesin

    its not correct..its just d list of online frnds and frnds updats links..

  • Am

    Hi Aman,

    I used ur trick on my profile but the list is different for my wall and for my profile page. any comments on tht

  • i hope You can get your answer from @Michael Duigit comment…

  • Thanks you Michael…

  • trick wont work on it on your wall..

  • read the comment by @Michael just above your comment..

  • siranee sanguansat

    I was thinking of one ID that came to most on the top list But this ID I was using for my business and was not used after I closed this place. So why it was shown as the most viewer? I closed this place like 2 years ago and never use it again to communicate..

  • Rabbia

    This is really useful…But Can we track the public visitors?

  • Laurel

    By “visiting my profile” means visit my profile page or just open the photos I updated?

  • Doru.D

    This doesn’t make any sense. In top 3 figures a person that never visited my profile since I ever created it. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t have anything to do with tracking frequent visitors to your profile/page.

    According to the code it has something to do with the Chat function some way of ordering the friends in your chat, that is displayed when you have your chat Turned OFF, and not only because of the Chat in [InitialChatFriendsList] but also because of the values passed in the code before and after the list of facebook ID’s, that get printed out in the page source.

    Even if you used the chat or not, messaging through the Messages Inbox is also considered chat… so whether you had your chat on or off, it doesn’t matter.

  • Doru.D

    It’s simple coding 101. If you’re looking at the pagesource, you can see that InitialChatList (whatever the variable was called) is part of a script and not part of the overall page layout; thus it wouldn’t show with a normal hover inspect element over the chat area, since it’s not a part of the physical layout, but more or less part of the algorithm called for displaying something. Like fetching a value from a database.
    Analyzing the way the code is displayed using the pagesource, you can see that the script is preceded by the Chat Sidebar HTML structure and then followed by the JavaScript (I suppose it is) script.
    You can find all the scripts at the end of the code displayed with the inspect element function. There is one called “pagelet_sidebar”, with a class or id of ChatSidebar. Scrolling through that, somewhere in the end you can find the variable InitialChatFriendsList.
    The whole script is used for fetching and outputing data for rendering and displaying the ChatSidebar.
    So you see it has nothing to do with displaying the visits your profile has, I also remember Zuckerberg (or however his name is spelled) that there is no way of finding out who viewed your profile)

  • nagu

    your AWWWesome …..thankz a aa loooooot…:)

  • better u look @ chat list
    its the same oreder

  • Keep visiting..

  • Don’t you think that the script for which we are talking..can be a Facebook visitor tracking script?

    Many times.. Facebook uses these kind of hidden scripts in order to show the things like ad-words in sidebar..
    Facebook is using some hidden scripts on wall as well in order to show advertisements that interests a person’s interest..
    So there is a fair chance, they are using visitor tracking script as well…

    Yea i am completely agree with you that mark Zuckerberg never said that Facebook profile visitors tracking is possible..Coz he don’t want to explore the things going behind the scene…
    He never said that there are security loop holes in Facebook ..but if you look closely then you will find..That there are so many..

    I respect the time you took to analyze the Facebook wall page…but sometimes there are some hidden truths..that we can call as Tricks.. :)

  • Thanks you…
    please mention your doubt..i would feel glad to help you out..

  • Liz

    Hi Aman what if I see the id in [“PresencePrivacyInitialData”,[],{“visibility”:1,”privacyData”: what does that mean?

  • Doru.D

    Oh for God’s sake…

    If they are using hidden scripts to track users.. .then they’re hidden hence the logic…

    There is no logic whatsoever in tracking visitor activity by posting a script on the page (it wouldn’t be hidden now, would it?!)

    As far as I remember from the coding rules that we learnt in the courses… you don’t mislabel an entire script just to track something else.

    And from a logic standpoint… if it’s tracking visitors it cannot fetch and display a facebook profile that has a visiting value of 0 and put it in top 3… it doesn’t have any consistency with your theory.

    It’s one thing talking about security loop holes that exist almost everywhere… and one thing presuming something starting with a value on the page that displays a list. We might as well now think that every script on facebook does something else than it’s programmed to do, by your logic, in extenso!

    Who knows maybe the authentication part is actually a part that you sign a contract with Homeland Security!

    It’s fairly ridiculous to keep up with some conspiracy theory that they might use hidden things and that the script in discussion here does something else when you’ve been endlessly proven wrong.

    And using other people that comment here and say “Hooray! it’s working…” is not really a valid argument, now, is it?!

    Unless they’re some very bad programmers that don’t really understand the concept of coding a webpage, I’m pretty sure most of them are random people with various backgrounds.

    Deluding people in thinking there is a way of seeing who viewed your profile by using a random value that fits your presumptions, when probably there is none, for public access, is just morally wrong.

    So unless we start thinking now about facebook using a deathstar algorithm and plan some martian attacks… I end this discussion here.

  • Well, I think somehow you are right, I should have to test this trick again with some visiting a profile with dummy account and so on..

  • if you follow steps correctly then you will only see, some profile id’s there..
    if you are seeing this..then most probably you are not searching for the right code from the page source..

  • stenzin

    hey aman it is a really nice idea…thanx a lot…
    but i just wanted to ask that does this thing show us the facebook ID of the person who is not our friend????

  • How do you know the recent visitor time?

  • i cant find InitialChatFriendsList

  • Hello Stenzin, its not possible because its against Facebook TOS..

  • Thanks for commenting…but its not possible..

  • Make sure you are on the wall page when trying to find intialchatfriendslist..
    it will not work on other pages..

  • harry

    hi give me a proper link yr how can i see that who is visiting my profile

  • Hello Harry,Can you please tell me,which link is not working..?

  • Gregor

    Wow! Thank you :) I really love it :P

  • Andrei

    worked one time, now since my last post it’s the same list..told friends too enter my page and they don’t appear in the list…

  • Aura Halliday

    Hello! I just saw Liz’s comment which i found very interesting as the list has changed, again.I don;t think it’s in everyone’s profile yet but right after [“PresencePrivacyInitialData” I have only 6 ids which is something new! and next comes the infamous ”InitialChatFriendsList” which has also changed! I believe there are 3 lists now as every id appears thrice, once with the number -2 at the end, then -3 and finally -0 .all kinda mixed up except for the -0s that appear last all together! they are still in the same order though as ids. but the new [[“PresencePrivacyInitialData”,[],{“visibility”:0,”privacyData” seems to make only a small list of ids with ”:1” after each id! u should look into this!what is this!? I’m starting to think it may as well be the real stalker list;as anything else that I could think of about interaction or my visits-views/messages/new friends/close friends/lists..NOTHING seems to fit! and for half of them I have a strong belief they view my profile frequently! def gonna test this…

  • Aura Halliday

    oh, i’d also like to add that all six of the ids that appear on that new list are all in my top 20 InitialChatFriendsList” interesting!

  • Aura Halliday

    okay, I figured it out now.. it was the list I made for people that I allowed to view me available in chat.sorry:/ other than that something weird seems to be going on with the Initialchatfriendslist!

  • Aura Halliday

    I haven’t used my chat for more than 3 years, i even have it hidden, so, a while after learning about this trick I finally opened the chat only to see that it firstly consisted of 9 people,(couldn’t show more as I was offline) my top 9 in the ”initialchatfriendslist”!in the exact same order!! so it s got little to do with who u chat as I’ve never chatted at all! with half of my top I’ve messaged a bit but what about the rest!? some i don’t even interact that much in comparison to others.. I believe fb suggests them to my chat for a reason../Actually, to test this I used another account I created ages ago and visited (just that) my profile for the first time about a month ago for like 10-20 times a week, I was amazed to see that number move up to my top 20!and still going..odd thing is that some ids seem to be static unless another one moves up and places them behind. So it’s not just the chat NO WAY, it has to do with many things we’ll probably never know, but the profile views are a strong part of it! and I strongly believe it hasn’t got to do with who u view as I’ve been stalking this person for months and his position hasn’t changed…hope this helps

  • joshua

    I think it has changed Aman check it out its not the same anymore

  • raviraj shimpi

    hi i tried number of scenario to see when the list updates, it updates when your friends visit ur profile when they are offline please try this …..

  • Oh okay. Thanks a lot. :)

  • We can’t do that…

  • Thanks you Andrei, I am glad that you find it helpful..

  • I will too test this with my profile..
    Thanks for commenting..

  • you are always welcome @Dyuti Bhattacharyya

  • Hello Joshua, if its not working properly then i will try to find out any other script..
    Thanks for commenting..

  • Ok i will try and let you inform..anyways thanks for putting limelight on this..

  • Teeja

    Yes , i also agree with this. it show chat list people.

  • joshua

    ya its completely different now with the number sequence then a -2 or-0 after every one some even have duplicates

  • Ataurrehman

    how to find those codes ?
    its a long page

  • just press ctrl+F
    and type initialchatfriendslist
    it will search for you..

  • prakash shah

    I want phone no. and address of my 43 years old friend.we forgate each other from 1970. now live at vadodara—panna shroff

  • joshua

    5048165169-2 it looks like this now Aman!

  • dima

    it is a chat it shows u the person u recently talked to.

  • Kat

    Hi Aman, I would love to know if this new “initialchatfriendslist” is still working in the same way as you have been suggesting, even with the dash 2, 0, or 3 on the end of the ID codes? or if it really is just a ‘chat list’? I would love to know your thoughts.

  • joshua

    I do chat to a few but some people I have never never chatted with in my top 14

  • Harsha Music-soul

    i darn say it is just chat list

  • Taylor Jordan Collins

    I have a dash and a number behind the number you copy if you copy the – # it doesn’t work whats the – # mean on the list there’s -o, -2, and -3

  • joshua

    nobody knows it is new

  • Hello Kat, if you read the comments, you will find that some peoples are saying that its just a chat list while for others its working perfectly..
    this post turned as a controversial topic.. :)

  • afar_filhaq

    could it be your friend who makes u as “close friend”?

  • fubho

    I tried this and I thought it was just a list of my friends in chat. Then I checked the numbers at the end of my list and it was people that aren’t friends of mine. In fact, a few of them were foreigners. That convinces me this real. Thanks!

  • sara

    What is the -2, -3, -0 mean? And why do some profiles show up more than once?

  • bluecharey

    -2 definitely has to do with chat. -3 I’m thinking is views your profile… -0 may be whose profile you view. I’ve been watching this every day for awhile now and tried to see how numbers change position.

  • Kat

    Thanks for your reply Aman. I’m monitoring mine daily and it’s quite confusing. It changes daily, but not drastically. There seems to be a constant group of people that don’t change order much. Then I will chat to someone new one day, and they will randomly appear toward the front of the list. Some IDs appear three times toward the front of the list too. I haven’t worked it yet. :)

  • Kat

    new, and very confusing :)

  • Kat

    I’m watching mine daily, and I’ve considered what you have too with the 2, 0, and 3. Let us know if you get a clearer explanation. :)

  • bankur

    this will show only the friends from ur list, will never show who are not.

  • parm

    its list of Friends those you have chat recently not the visitors who visit your profile :p

  • Lovely Yaoi

    Hello there, this is actually working. But I would like to know who visits my profile even if they’re not my friends because someone has been reporting my posts and harassing me by reporting the posts i made on a group. even on my profile. i know for sure it is not one of my friends too. Please help. I would be really grateful if i can track this person and banned him on my profile. Thanks in advance.

  • Sasmita Panigrahi

    hi its not working now

  • Ma Cristina Taupa

    Cant find InitialChatFriendsList -_-

  • roger

    this does not work this gives the list of friends who are offline in the order of your chat list…check that out if you want….

  • pryakrit

    it doesnt work

  • Shrikant

    What does this mean in source code – PresencePrivacyInitialData”,[],{“visibility”:1,”privacyData”:


    yaar mayra mob gum gaya ha lomia 800 hundered laykin mayri facebook ki id on ha us may mob kiss k paas ha is liya location pta lagvanay k liya kya kiya jaiy

  • Carolyn

    I don’t know if it works, but I saw all the ppl in the list of my FB has those numbers “-3″, “-1″ etc at the end, for example, “10598962314654-3″ or “56894131564-2″, what do those numbers mean? Is there any way that can track visitors that are not on my FB friend list? As I think that’s more important cos friends are usually safe to check our profiles, but non-friends stalk our profiles instead not safe… thank you.

  • AshleyLaura

    I feel like there is something to this, there are people I wasn’t suprised to find,
    Others I was surprised. However there are MANY that I have never chatted with at all. I want to know what the -2, -3, -0 mean. I have a few that duplicate in the list because of this. My ex is really high up twice, and he “dating” someone new. So I really wanted to know if he was a frequent visitor. I will also share I think it can’t possibly be “total frequent” viewers as there are folks who are brand new friends.

  • sarah

    I can’t find the ‘initial chat friend list’ will it be near the begining of the html?

  • murali

    can we see the person who visited our profile who is actually not in our friends list????

  • nek rahman

    working dude

  • Kimberly L. Leach

    after each # mine shows either a -0, -2, or, -3. does anyone know the difference in them?

  • No, They are the ID’s of peoples who had visited most number of times your profile..

  • Thanks you for your nice opinion..
    (I really like to thank people with their real name, So please use your real name from next time.. :) )

  • yes this is the drawback of this facebook trick…i hope i will find another way to find the visitors who aren’t your friends..

  • Go to facebook account settings and trace location..

  • after revealing this trick, Facebook just messed id’s with random numbers including dashes…

  • thanks nek

  • its not possible now..but i am working to find out that too..

  • press ctrl+F to find text in html source code..

  • Rositsa Mushnikova

    I don t know what to think about all that stuff, but MY list on InitialChat is changing trough the day, and in the list of PresencePrivacy I have only 2 friends, who are on the first 2 places in the other list – for one of them I know he is visiting my profile every day, cause he leaves comments, posts etc. For the second one – he never EVER had comment or liked anything on my wall – NEVER in all those10 months he is on my FB… I chat pretty often with number of people, but they are temporary coming up in the list, if ever! The first 2 are staying there all of the time, changing their places from time to time, one of them is now about 3 months a FB friend, and the other about 10… Very strange, indeed, I think it s not only the chat frequency, but also sneaky vewing pictures, status, comments, updates etc…I would like to add that I never block people on my chat, and always read my messages- If I m answering is a different story! ;)

  • Rula

    actually just ignore -0, -2, or, -3. u still can see the ID

  • Rula

    I guess -2, -3, -0 are different device , like sometime people use cell phone ,desktop or laptop

  • Hello Dipun..You can’t find that…

  • Thanks you… :)

  • Yes exactly..i am searching updated trick to find that too…

  • Yes exactly…-0, -2, or, -3 doesn’t matter…

  • Hello Sasmita its working perfectly…i think you are using -2,-3 with id thats why saying this..only copy the id..

  • Tania

    Yeap, this is exactly what I was looking for!
    Thanks man!

  • alita

    Is there a way to see those who visited your profile that are not your friends??

  • jessiejzones

    hi aman,i just enterd the id containing numbers. But it is saying to some id’s that page not found. would you please tell me whats going on in this situation.

  • youa

    hi…. how i get my fb back!!!!!! mo fb got stole it.please help me out….

  • Alex

    and how do you get to *source mode* I see a bunch of codes so it’s hard to find or read anything

  • Rula

    how can you tell if someone block you on facebook chat?? please help

  • Barbara

    Hi Aman, I know that I can not see people`s ID who have visited my profile, if they are not my friends. But I have the following situation: my co-worker still appears as No. 1 in my “initialchatfriendslist” although she certainly is not so interested in me. We are not friends at all, but – we have only one common friend – and is it possible that this common friend enters my profile through my co-worker page and that is why she has shown me in “initialchatfriendslist” as No. 1? Has anyone tested it? In this case we have only one common friend….thank you:)

  • Deva Senapathy

    it doesn’t work….
    While the top 4 see believable,one of my college friends who became friends on facebook with me a week ago is no.5 in my list and he said he’s only visited twice…and dat’s what I expected as well because we’ve only known each other for a week
    we’ve chatted twice this week and I fell the list is true to its name and indicates people with whom i chat frequently

  • Varun Garewal

    thank u :-)

  • Mehul Rathore

    Airhead..!! you think these guys are searching for the keyword manually going through the whole text??

  • Jay Zee

    Hi aman verma are you there i wanna ask that can i get the mobile number of any facebook account holder by doing

    any trick??

    Tahir Malik.

  • IAT

    it isn’t the right thing too..cos it just repeats your friends names in chat list order..and in your chat, names are arranged according to how much you interact with them online..this isn’t correct too :(

  • afar_filhaq

    is it the person who makes you as his/her close friend?

  • noa

    hi, it works!!! but only friend list!!! i see some id’s of people who is not on my friend list, but how can i use their id to check who they are? is there any way to find someone on facebook by his id?

  • daksh sharma

    “page not found”,,,,,,??????? :( :(

  • tarik

    Hi Aman it seems logical when I see my list but the only thing I dont get is my second and third friend on the list change their places to each other early in the morning a few times ,and I know they are both sleping..Do you have an idea about how it happens..

  • afar_filhaq

    r u sure? i have been confused, since before this i have 4 ID’s of different people, but now there are only 3 IDs left.. how come? do you have any idea? and the ID that is missing is the person who i really take care of…

  • tarik

    Where are u Aman :)

  • Mehdi Melki

    The ID’s order is the same as the chatfriends list when I’m offline coincidence?
    (Vinsi Leo has same fact)

  • Mehdi Melki

    if fb got involved by messing ids then this is not useful anymore right?

  • Kellie

    This works for people on your friend list, but how about people that are not your friends. Anyway to see that yet?

  • Josie Oliver

    I’ve noticed some ID #’s repeat throughout the initial chat sequence? If the ID numbers indicate the amount of profile views, why would the number repeat?

    and thank you, aman.





  • joshmut

    Boss, InitialChatFriendsList stands for “Initial chatfriend list”. It is the friendlist you see, when you get on facebook, in that order, whether they are online or offline. chil out man

  • AZAM


  • Shaan

    Ye To sirf Add frnzz Ko hi Dika Raha Hai Others Nahi Y ???

  • opq

    what does the -2/-3 means?

  • opq

    i have a problem; there is this unknown person whom i have no contact with had just recently added me. It was like an hour later and i do this trick and found her on the top few of the list. How can it be? i have never contact with her in any ways and i have far more friends i have been talking to actively (total time = days) and yet she beat them in the ranking. lol

  • opq

    i have a hypothesis: i think it is the total time she view my profile (assuming she stalks for 40 mins) divide by the time from when we became friends to the time when i do the trick(an hour). i supposed that might make her appear at the top of the chart

  • Shubham Kashyap

    Dear..Aman dO u knw hOw to hack the facebook id password???

  • Zehair Alaoui Sossé

    Thanks ! But the array “InitialChatFriendsList” refer to people I’ve the most chatted with and not who visited my profile !

  • glxflames

    It;s not working at all. It just shows you some random friends of yours. Still with the new facebook profile it does the same thing.

  • Botia

    thank you very much

  • Juan Orellana

    Hi. How can I know a person’s facebook code? Thanks

  • Thanks Tania, Keep visiting.

  • Its not possible due to facebook privacy policy, But stay tunned with tricksmode, as soon as i will get something i will post it here.

  • click on forget password and reset your fb password..

  • just press control+F to find a string in source code..

  • enemies are the biggest stalkers.. :D
    Get the hint.. :)

  • Welcome Varun, Keep visiting..

  • Hello jay, This sounds an interesting question. There are many free mobile numbers extractors available on internet..they may help you..

    just type that id at place of your-id-here,

  • Sorry tarik i was not available due to exams, yes this is possible because while they are sleeping other peoples visited your profile so the order changed..

  • Yes but in that situation we would find another facebook trick to do so..

  • Not available due to privacy policies of facebook..but i am still searching for that, and once i will get, i will publish that here..

  • facebook is trying to play with that trick, first they used hyphens in strings now they are repeating id so that they can patch this loop hole. but still its working… So dont bother about repeating ids, just believe on the first.. :)

    and from next time, please use your real name, I love to call my visitors with real names.. :)

  • oh, you forget to turn off your caps lock.. :D
    anyways Amit, its not necessary that the ID’s would start with 1..there may be any number

  • Check my comment above your comments..

  • Hello Josh,
    Why are you going on name “Chatlist”
    If it is as you are saying.., then facebook should be only a book full of faces.. :D

  • Check my previous comments, Answered the same question many times..

  • Yes it might also be possible.. :)

  • Yes i know… :-)
    If you too want to hack facebook than you can try,
    phishing,key-logging,security question bypass,tab napping and so on..

  • Welcome Botia, Keep visiting.. :)

  • shailendra

    its showing the initial friend list not who viewd your frofile::::

  • Suresh

    Hi Aman,
    I don’t think initialchatfriendlist shows the ID’s who have been viewing your profile the most. I added 4-5 new people randomly in my list as friends (I knew them in real life). They immediately featured in the top 5. You can also try interacting with random people whom you have never interacted via chat. Again they also come into top 5. It is not possible that all the 5 people I chose randomly must be have been seeing my profile the most. I am pretty sure that these people were not stalking me because we are good friends in real life and all of us are males :D. They would simply added me and not bothered to stalk me and wait for me to add them.

    However these people start moving down the order with passage of time (1-2 days where u do not activity like chatting with anyone or adding new friends) and are replaced by people with whom I interacted via chat the most in the past. SO my guess is your initialchatfriendlist gives first preference to frequency of chats as a function of time/ people who u have newly added as friends to decide the order of the list. Therefore, recent interactions or newly added friends have more priority but with passage of time their priority reduces if no further activity takes place between you and them and hence they are replaced by people with whom you have interacted the most on FB. Having said that, do you have any evidence/cases that disprove my point? I would be more than happy to correct myself after all mine is just a guess based on limited observations.

  • That fb hacker request is surely an easy-to-use and sophisticated pass word retrieval method that might enable you to discover the recent code of an existing bank account. It truly is fast, user-friendly and you’ll sign in and out and about unknown. Many you want to do is abide by your website guidance, sign up in addition to use this software totally free! Coordinating account details even so is usually a learning from mistakes practice. The appliance is not 100% successful although typically, balances can certainly hack into Myspace accounts.

  • I value the article.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

  • jenkinson

    this list is of recent chat contacts

  • balquizalas

    is it possible that u can also see the id of a person who viewed your profile though she is not on your friendlist?how?

  • Pablo

    This is only the recent chat list. Even the source code says it all

  • Ahmad Omar

    Thanks for this article , but i have some tricks
    this list is the friends who’s in your chat list

  • Virgil Cutty

    Booooooogus. If you manipulate the data to eliminate the “-X” extensions, all this process effectively does is return a list of everyone in your friends list. However many friends in your list is how many “hits” this process will return. I might give you, however, that duplicate records perhaps indicate duplicate views in a recent period. It does nothing to identify persons outside your friends list who might be lurking your profile, though. Nice try, Itender.

    • Pasan Gonakumbura

      Actually, I do have one person in my list who is not a friend, yet constantly remains in the top 1/4 of the list. How would you explain that?

    • Ibrahim Khalil

      what to do for people outside the list?

  • Jounayd

    No FB APP will give that information. But you can still guess Who viewed your facebook profile go and see the explanation here

  • ali

    this is fake trick. i was seen my id with diffrent addresses but it can not show in source code