The one mutual concern that all Instagram followers have is how to get more followers. Why is that so is because the more audience you have, the more your market will increase, and the more your Instagram engagement will get better?

Your number of followers can increase the possibility of reaching your goals. Following are the top 10 Instagram marketing tips that would help you increase your followers:

#1 Hashtags:

Hashtags are a very important part of your Instagram account. You can use all different kinds of hashtags to engage your audience and start a community of your own. Hashtags can be very effective; you should try making a hashtag of your own that would be short, precise and catchy so that your followers would have something to use when they post content relevant to your page.

#2 Connecting with your audience:

The best way to get more followers is through connecting with people who are already present in your list. You can like their comments, comment back, respond to their DM’s and get their feedback. Once you understand and interact with your audience, you will know what they like, and the next time you post something, it would be of their interest.

#3 Buy followers:

Another thing you can do to increase your number of followers is through buying them online. Vibbi helps you to gain real Instagram followers fast.

#4 Contests:

You can hold different contests to keep your audience engaged with your business. These contests can be anything you want; you can also decide an award for the winners and give away free stuff. This way, your followers would be more active in participating in your contests.You can even create a unique and amazing logo to brand your contest to make it really stand out, visually.

#5 Talk to Brand ambassadors

To cultivate a following, you need to have the right resources, and when you know a lot of brand ambassadors and their success stories, you will learn something new every day. You can also post pictures of their products and engage your audience

#6 Find Sponsors:

The best way to make money is by having sponsors; they would give you the right amount of money. For instance, a sponsored content on Instagram would be a picture or a video that is promoting any brand or any product. You can also use the brand’s hashtag or likewise captions

#7 Communicate with your audience:

Communication is the key to success.  The best way to engage your audience to your business is through responding to their comments. You can let them know about your latest products or keep them interacting with your brand through sharing discounts or new and cool stuff with them.

#8 Give Information:

In every social media app, there is an option for sharing your bio with the public. This option should be your key point to start a business. You need to share everything about your brand in your bio. Add a link to your website/facebook/twitter page and aware people about your brand. Furthermore, use a specific hashtag for your brand.

#9 Be Motivational with your content:

If you share things that would motivate your audience to a better today, people would like to stay more close to you. You can post a quote or something inspirational every day related to your business to encourage people and keep them engaged to your work at the same time.

#10 Know what people Like:

The best way to run an online business is through posting what people like the most. You can measure the posts that are most viewed or liked and then you can post relevant material to that. Your audience would be more interested in following something they find attractive.

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