On the one hand, the differences between Mac and PC on Windows can talk endlessly, on the other hand, the main differences and so all have long understood. But time passes, and operating systems change. Previously, developers are mainly made software under Windows; now the most popular programs exist for the Mac. Microsoft’s strategy has undergone a few changes, and it’s time to freshen up a list of the main differences.

 10 main Differences Between Mac and PC
Differences Between Mac and PC

Here is list of 10 Differences between Mac and PC.

1. Apple can be proud of the design of their computers:

Apple is working on the appearance of the devices no less hard than over the filling, and everyone gets a piece of art, both inside and outside. Design of computers on Windows is heavily dependent on the manufacturer, but it is rarely able to match the design from Apple, except in cases of copying and borrowing ideas.

2. Price:

You can find the computer on the basis of Windows, which will cost as expensive as the Mac, and that’s to find the Mac for the cost budget PC will not work. Now you can buy compact notebook on Windows for quite funny money, and this is not the way of Apple.

3. PC is better for fans of video games:

The first reason is the wide possibilities of customization. The owners of gaming PCs can easily put a new video card or to expand the memory. Apple does not provide this for their computers, of course, if you are not willing to spend serious.

4. Services:

Apple provides warranty service on their computers at any Apple Store. If you have problems with your PC, we cannot say for sure – with whom you have to face. Campaign will start from the store where you purchased the computer, and continue service center.

5. Security:

How popular are computers on OS X, the faster fading away the myth of the absence of virus threats for this platform. Earlier efforts malware creators have focused on infected PCs, but they gradually awakens interest in Mac. Nevertheless viruses for Mac are still small, and little need for anti-virus program is not.

6. Interface:

Differences in the interface over time it became only more. Mac has remained the same: the panel of popular applications in the bottom of the screen and task bar

on top. Windows today – it’s tiled interface that gives access to various functions, and behind it the classic desktop.

7. Choice:

Choosing a candy bar or a laptop from Apple, you just need to decide on the diagonal of the screen. PC makers incredible amount, and each of them has something to offer. Your choice, you can start with preferences with regards to housing materials and finish the need for a biometric sensor.

8. Touch screen:

From the new: today you can buy a computer to Windows with touch screen. Apple does not hurry with such innovations, and it is unknown, as is necessary. Rumor has it that Windows 8.1 is much more pleasant to the touch.

9. Windows works on tablets:

iPad runs on iOS, the possibility of which are far from the desktop operating system. Today Windows, you can take with you on the tablet, and Microsoft are very proud of this.

10. Hot keys:

The transition from one platform to another can be difficult. Even the hot keys are very different, and without assistance or find a solution on the Internet PC users will not even take a screenshot on a Mac, even make it very convenient.


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