Over the last few years, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the top social media networking platforms for marketing and sales growth.


Partly this is due to the fact that the site is dedicated to professional information rather than personal, but LinkedIn also has some functions for marketing that far surpass other platforms.

  1. Target your audience

The information that LinkedIn collects from users has made it a prime place to find (and name) a potential target audience. For b2b sales, LinkedIn prospecting allows users to search for highly targeted groups, allowing you to find just the right person who can use what you are selling.

  1. Stay connected

Once you’ve found the right audience to target, you’ll connect with those individuals who are likely to purchase your product. They will see your content and post updates, so now is the time to start generating some interesting information to keep your name in their feed.

  1. Post regularly

If you continue to post good content on LinkedIn, not only will your connects see your name regularly, you will also become an expert in your field. If you answer relevant questions in your posts, users will start coming to you for products and for information.

  1. Post good content

More importantly, LinkedIn will promote your content if it is good enough, which means potentially accessing thousands of new eyes.

  1. Get emails

Just because you’re connected with someone on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you don’t want to give him or her the option of signing up for your email list outside of the platform. What is great about LinkedIn is that you can send messages to your connects in groups.

This gives a great opportunity for a letter inviting them to sign up if they wish. Consider making it enticing with the special benefits they will receive by being on your list.

  1. Become part of the group

LinkedIn groups are a great way to learn more about your audience directly, and to connect with others in the industry. This is a great way to find people you aren’t connected with, and gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself and your product without needing to connect.

  1. Start your own group

Making your own group is another excellent way to attract people to your product. If you’re already part of a bunch of groups, you’ll be able to target members who may be interested in joining your group.

  1. Fill-out everything

You can hustle to get the perfect audience paying attention to you, but if your company page is boring, incomplete, and never updated, your hard-work prospecting may have little pay-off. Make sure everything reflects that your company is in operation and making progress.

  1. Get the right name

Some people don’t realize that your LinkedIn page can have a custom URL with your name. If people are finding you through LinkedIn and you have a website, why is a custom URL so important? For the search results! In major search engines LinkedIn pages rank highly in results, so even if you are not connected with someone on LinkedIn, they may visit your page.

  1. Go the distance

If you can maintain a constant presence on LinkedIn, chances are you’ll have the opportunity to start building some long-term relationships with customers.

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