In this article, we will tell you about the useful functions of Whatsapp, which will help you optimize the performance of one of the most popular instant messengers.  

Tips for Whatsapp Users
Useful Tips for Whatsapp Users

Whatsapp – one of the most popular instant messengers, which is used by millions of people around the world. However, despite this popularity, many users are unaware of all the possibilities Whatsapp. And among them, by the way, there are very useful, which will allow you to ensure the confidentiality and security of your account, save you from annoying sound notifications, and so on. D. On some of these opportunities Whatsapp today and we’ll talk.

1. Privacy

Go to the “Settings” menu – “Account” – “Privacy”. Here you can set the visibility of personal data: profile picture, status and last visit. If you want this information was not available to anyone, then select “None”.

2. Block User

All of us from time to time there is a need to make some user blacklist. To do this in Whatsapp, go to “Settings” – “Account” – “Privacy” – “Blocked”. Click on the icon in the upper right corner and you will see a list of all your contacts. Please select the ones you want to block.

3. Turn off automatic download media

Disable this feature is especially useful when roaming, so that your mobile operator may charge you a considerable fee.

Go to “Settings” – “IM settings” – “Start up Media”. You will find three options: “Mobile networks”, “WI-Fi” and “In roaming”. Go to each of these items and uncheck the “Images”, “Audio” and “Video”.

4. Manage audio notifications

Go to “Settings” – “alert”. Here you can disable sound notifications (for example, sounds in chat or contact ringtone) that irritate you or that you just do not feel the need.

5. Transition to the new mobile number

If you have a new SIM-card, it does not mean that you need to start a new account in Whatsapp. Everything is much simpler.

Go to “Settings” – “Account” – “Change the number.” Confirm your old number, enter your new number, and you’re done.

6. Backup Posts

A very useful feature that allows you to avoid losing important information.

Go to “Settings” – “IM settings” – “Backup chat.”

7. Restore deleted messages

It does not matter why the messages were removed – as a result of any failure or just by your negligence. The main thing is that in most cases you can recover deleted messages.

Whatsapp automatically creates a daily backup and store them on the MicroSD-card of your phone. So uninstall and then reinstall Whatsapp. Messenger will ask you to reconstruct the history of communications, and all you need to do – is to click on “Restore”.

8. Protect Whatsapp password

Some things are not meant for the public eye, one of those things – your correspondence in Whatsapp. If you know that someone of your friends or family members loves rummaging through your personal messages, then the best solution – to protect Whatsapp password.

There are applications that help hide your correspondence from prying eyes. For example, ChatLock.

9. Send files of any type

Whatsapp has restrictions on sending files. You can send only certain file types, and moreover, they should not exceed 15 MB. But there is a way through which you can work around this limitation.

Download the application Cloud Send, upload it using the desired file, copy the link and send it to your friend. When your friend will go to the link, it will be able to download files without any restrictions.

10. Get rid of unnecessary files

If you frequently use messenger, the memory of your Smartphone certainly packed with photos and audio obtained once through Whatsapp. Appendix W Cleaner for WA to help you get rid of the stale unnecessary files.


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