One could argue that the live wallpapers are the best thing about Android, some of them so beautiful that they have single-handedly dissuaded users from jumping to the iOS ecosystem. Android live wallpapers are all about beauty and the child-like delight they cause in us. They make even gazing at our home screens an enjoyable experience. We bring to you a collection of the best live wallpapers available in this space. Most of these are available in free as well as paid versions, and will look a lot better on your Samsung Galaxy Tab than they would on a smaller device, even on the phablets like the Note 2 or 3 (though they won’t look bad
on them either!).

A bigger screen just gives these wallpapers the platform to wow, and bring out their richness, clarity, and the amazing 3D detail that so many of them carry. So without further adieu, here’s out list of the top ten Android live wallpapers.

1. Space Colony

Space Colony

Move over earth and launch yourself into space with this futuristic space colony wallpaper ($1.95). Humans have settled in space and created colonies not too unlike the skyline of New York City (though post-Armageddon with only its tallest buildings intact). Fly through this colony, presented in stunning detail and colors, and customize the background, the aura, and the colors of the illuminated buildings. If you like the idea of being in space, this might just end up being your favorite wallpaper.

2. Koi


If there’s anything everybody could ever agree on, it would be that this is probably the most beautiful mobile wallpaper they have ever seen. It is, in fact, so stunning that it’s difficult for one to take their eyes off it. A slight touch of the screen creates immense ripple effects, as colorful koi fish swim around in the background. The marine flora sways in the water as you double tap to startle the fish. Even though this wallpaper has been around for some time now, it warrants a mention due to its immense popularity and beauty. It can be downloaded for free though a paid version is also available ($4.99). The free version stays as it is, but the paid one gives you a ton of customizable options. You can change the colors of the fish, alter the background, and get the raindrops that keep creating ripple effects on the surface of the water without you having to touch the screen.

3. Autumn


Like the colors of the autumn? You will love this free autumn-themed wallpaper. It’s romantic, evocative, refreshing, and just so lovely. No, we are not gushing, merely stating the truth. This is a simple wallpaper, does not crash or lag, takes up only 1.1MB space, and supports all screen resolutions. The settings allow you to control the speed and the quantity of the leaves falling.

4. Asteroid Belt


Another live wallpaper that looks stunning on a tablet screen. Watch the asteroids hurl through the space as they pass the stars, the planets, and the orbits of the Milky Way. The scene is reminiscent of a sci-fi movie, and the customization in the paid version ($0.99) allows you to choose the number of asteroids in the belt, the background images, and the direction of the rotation of the asteroids.

5. Gliders in the sky 3D

Gliders in the sky 3D

Get an expansive view of a glider in the sky coming at you on your tab screen with this simple but beautiful wallpaper. The customization options on the paid version ($0.99) allow you to change the type of the glider, the speed of the glider, the background, the time of the day, and create thunderstorms instead of a clear blue sky. This wallpaper can also imitate real time weather – if it’s clear outside, it will be clear on your wallpaper. If it’s raining outside, that will reflect on your wallpaper. Smart, huh?

6. My 3D Fish II

My 3D Fish

Go underwater and watch colorful fish make their way around their marine terrain on your tablet screen. Another one of those wallpapers ($1.95) that is significantly better on the tablet as it gives you an immersive experience as you swipe along your touchscreen. Change the background and the colors of the fish for a newer experience each time.

7. Zen Garden

Zen Garden

This app is a nature lover’s delight. Observe the glory of a Japanese garden through the seasons via this beautiful and colorful app. The customization options allow you to change the background, the types of the trees, and the time of the day, among other things. The Zen Garden apps are available in autumn, winter, spring, and summer variants.

8. Art Alive 3D

Art Alive 3D

Theo van Gogh’s paintings go live on your home screen! Explore the Dutch artist’s creations in 3D as you move around the rooms to find his most prized paintings and gain a sense of his times and life. That’s not all. The wallpaper ($0.99) also lets you customize a number of things in the background, including the color of the walls, the type of the tiles or even the type of the floor, and the furniture. As you move around in the room there’s a distinct sense of absolute stillness. Morning sunlight filters through the ajar windows as dust particles dance around. This is a gorgeous purchase that will sit rather artistically on your tablet home screen. This is a good video that takes you right inside the app and explores it on the bigger screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

9. Mayan Mystery 3D

Mayan Mystery 3D

Another stunning wallpaper ($0.99) by the same developer who created the previous one. Watch the Mayan and Aztec civilizations of the yore come to life in rich graphics and HD clarity. The landscape glows in fresh sunlight as shadows are cast across leaves, the ground, and the buildings. The ‘virtual tour camera’ customization option will allow the history lovers to gain an Indiana Jones-like feel as the moving wallpaper guides you around an entire city in impressive detail. The only con being this wallpaper is not available for free.

10. Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

A silky smooth app full of nature’s richness. Though it’s called Falling Leaves, it’s actually more about the landscape that seems straight out of a Nat Geo documentary. It’s almost like witnessing sunset as the sunlight beams through clouds in late afternoon and the leaves glide through the air as they make their way to the ground. The customization options on the paid version ($1.99) let you control the background, the time of the day, and amp up the background quality of the app that renders it very rich, realistic, and gorgeous. Another Android live wallpaper to add to your collection!

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